Google Font Manager – Kaswara Visual Composer Addons

Hi, in this video I will show you how to use Google Fonts Manager So let’s create a new demo page to see how it works I will add the heading element so I can apply some fonts for it Go to typography tab to change the font settings for any of your elements You can apply the responsive fonts for tablets & phones screens too As you can see here we have only default font family We haven’t added any Google fonts yet Save your page & preview the changes Default site font is applied Let’s add some Google fonts now When we add new font it will be added & listed in the font families drop down Navigate to Kaswara in the left menu & choose Google Fonts Once you are there you will find a list of 700 available font You the search area to look for any font (by name) Click the Add button to any font you want to your list Scroll down to see all the possible fonts that you can add once you add the fonts you liked now you are ready to use them on your elements Go to the typography tab so you can see your new fonts have been added to the drop down list Choose any new font & preview the changes this feature is available for all Kaswara text elements Thank you for choosing Kaswara!