Guitar Basics for Beginners : How to Play a G Chord on Guitar

Hi, I’m Mike Lais on behalf of Expert Village.
Today we are going to be talking about getting familiar with the guitar. Ok, so for the G
chord, we’re going to follow a lot of the same basic techniques that we’ve been talking
about: keeping your fingers down and keeping them close to the frets. Just like everything
else, that theory never goes away. But, to construct your G chord, you’re going to want
to have your middle finger on the third fret of the sixth string. So we’re going to place
that one here. Now, you take your index finger and place it on the second fret of the fifth
string. And take your ring finger, and you want to place it on the third fret of the
second string. And then take your pinky and place it on the third fret of the first string,
just like so. Another way you can do it is by doubling up just like that. If that’s more
comfortable for you, you can do it that way. I, personally, prefer this to kind of do this
because my fingers seem to be more comfortable this way. And music is all about being comfortable.
So, now that we have the chord structured, we’re going to have these two strings be open,
the D and the–the fourth and the third string are open. And then to strum it, you want to
strum all strings, just like that, making sure to hit them all, making sure that none
of your fingers are bent over on your fingering hand. You don’t want to deaden any of the
strings, like this, so that you get all of your notes to come in. And so we’re just going
to have our G chord. There you go.