Guitars I Hate

Hate is a strong word. A word that I reserve for specific hockey teams and for guitars that I passionately dislike. Today I’m going to be telling you about 9 guitars that I can’t stand. And you know what, If you like any of these guitars or even own any of them This is only my opinion You can feel free to go off on me in the comment section To start things off, The Stratacoustic and the Telecoustic Series by Fender And as far as I can tell, they’ve been discontinued So I guess I’m beating the dead axe here But back when I worked at a music store, we usually had tons of these in stock. Their Tele and Strat shaped guitars are meant to give you an acoustic sound with an electric feel. However, They sounded horrible, you’d been better off attaching a guitar neck to a cardboard box. They felt cheap, the body was make out of this rough, horrible plastic And in my opinion they looked terrible too. On top of that, they retailed for like 500$