Harley Benton SC 450 CB full review

hi folks and welcome to the channel I’m
just going to rattle through the specifications of this Harley Benton single cut (SC) 450 CB let’s start at the top we have got a very nice headstock we
have got the machine head’s are very very nice
I actually prefer these new metal chrome finish tuning pots they’re very accurate
and they help the tune very nicely this inlay looks like mother-of-pearl this is
the nut and it’s being done really nicely the strings fit through there
really nicely nice and low so that it has an impact on the height of the
strings and we’ve got a c-shaped neck from maple made out of maple wood we’ve
got 22 broad frets and inlays as well on the fretboard the fretboard wood is
made from a product called rosacea and basically it’s maple that’s been heat
treated in a kiln and it changes color they dry out. They heat it in a kiln
with no air and it sucks all the moisture out of the the wood it changes
color and it changes the cellulose structure of the wood so it becomes a
lot harder harder wearing than just ordinary maple behind this plate there’s
a double action truss rod which means you can adjust the fretboard if it’s bowing in
or bowing out just minor adjustments you get they they give you a little allen
key to do that as well and I must say that the frets on this
are just perfect perfectly ground there’s no sharp edges straight out of
the box very impressive for such a cheap guitar I mean this is not an expensive
guitar but the attention to detail is very impressive ok moving down to
the back of the guitar we can see this made
it’s made from several pieces of what you call in American basswood what we
call over here Linden wood or lime wood Linden wood or lime wood or bass wood
has got very good acoustic qualities so it’s always been used to make musical
instruments so it’s nothing new there it’s also very available so you’re not
chopping down you know trees for you know your not chopping down expensive mahogany trees. This cutaway on the back is very convenient for getting to all those high
notes very nice I like this shape actually. I really do like that whole thing going on there on the front we’ve got a
fingerboard which is plastic I’ve left the plastic on there plastic covering
protect it for a little while longer I actually like the color of that the body
is made from bass wood as I’ve said and it’s got a curve on the top side it’s
curved this color is called cherry burst with a lime. A lime finish and I like it
you’ve got two humbuckers both containing two coils and in the up
position you’re in the neck coil in the down position you’re on the bridge coil
and in the middle you’ve selected both so there’s lots of variations you can do
with this you can you can mess around with it you can raise and lower these humbuckers
to get the tone that you actually want you’ve got to remember when you’re
playing that the string will vibrate okay so it must be able to be vibrate
and not touch the humbucker but by adjusting these you can get a very
unique sound just to your guitar you know you can mess around it and you
won’t damage it by raising these up and down but just make sure that it don’t
touch the strings okay make sure there’s no contact with the
strings is it must be room for the string to vibrate this is a tune o matic bridge and where as you use your machine head’s tuners to tune it
into its E A D G B E whatever is you’re setting it into
standard tune, standard tuning with the tune a matic bridge you can improve intonation. The intonation of the strings so you can get it pitch perfect or wherever ever
you want it might want to out pitch if you want playing the rock band or
something and yeah that’s it so that’s the bridge these are both adjustable so
you can actually lower the strings if you want but the action on this is very
good on the on the fretboard and on the body you’ve got this nice banding which
works really well your hookups for your guitar strap. You’ve got your jacking
point which is nicely done you’ve got two volume controls and two tone
controls this volume controls for the neck pickup this volume controls for the
bridge pickup tone control bridge pickup its tone control neck pickup and by
messing around with these different setups you can get a quite unique sound
of your own and I haven’t had time to really mess about with that much but
I’ve been trying a week now and I’m really enjoying it it’s really
really good I’ve had a lot of fun my playing is coming on a bit That’s just letting you hear what it sounds
like with no amp. That’s just a solid body okay you got inspection plates so
you can check the switch gear in here you got the inspection plate so you can
check the pots in here if you ever want to change in but I don’t know why you
would they say and perfectly good to me and that’s about it okay so there’s the
Harley Benton 450 SC CB classic series guitar. I’m impressed I like it and I’m
glad I like it because I didn’t won’t to have to send it back to Germany it
sounds great I love it okay that’s all for now and
I’ll see you next time