Hawaiian Dance & Music Instruments : History of Sitting Hawaiian Hula Dance

Well on this segment we’re going to talk about
the Noho hula, which is called the sitting hula. It is said that back in the day, way
back, the men did the hula and the women sat down and watched. They would imitate the hand
movements while they were sitting down, so that, that evolved as a dance and eventually
the women got off their feet and ended up dancing the hula. As the same as with the
men. The stance for sitting, is basically feet together, you’re sitting on your heels,
your skirt is spread out and you can either do your hula which is mostly ancient or do
an implement dance to it with the Uli-Uli or the Ipu. So I’m going to do the first part
of chant called the hana chant, which is the hand movements and the ipu.