HEAVY METAL POWER CHORDS – Guitar Lesson – Beginner

Hi, I’m Bobby crispy this guitar lesson is an introduction to heavy metal power chords a Power chord is a chord that [is] made up of two notes and is paid with distortion like this The reason why there’s only two notes is because if you use all the notes or all the strings on the guitar You end up with a real cluttered sound like this I’ll play the same riff with power chords It sounds a little bit clear with power [cords] so as far as power quotes. Go less is better Now here’s a famous riff that uses power Cord Okay, here’s how to play a power chord the top string first fret fifth string Third fret that’s f at power chord, okay here, the Power chords on the top string so an open position is top string open fifth string second fret then f is first fret position top string G third fret a fifth fret [B] [sounds] [fred] See [eight] threat [Dd] 10th fret E is 4th fret [feet] the power chords on the fifth string starting with open a so fifth string open 4th string 2nd fret then b is 5th string 2nd fret C is Third fret fifth string D is fifth threat? He seventh fret f e threat G10 threat knee [twelfth] fret Okay as far as the amp settings Go, so they keep the reverb low because if you have the reverb high or the echo high sounds kind of cluttered But it’s up to you as far as the equalizer goes I like to have the high on 10 the Middle on 5 and The bass at 10 but once again. That’s up to you [I] just play around the equalizer until they get a good sound [I] like to have some delay [on] it [there’s] some delay as a sample a little stronger That’s uh as good a effect to have Some other stands you can try that are good with power chords the Chorus And there’s also the flanger and the [fazer] Okay, well that’s a lesson. I hope it’s been helpful and thanks for watching