Heimlich schwul – Episode 2 der schwul-lesbischen Serie von funk

. Satisfied, boss? What’s that? Unwrap it! Is it true? Contacts, dude. Gross! Thank you. But it stands for something. You, me, Madrid. Champions League. Relax. You need it. I’ll buy tickets tomorrow, promise.
I’ll– Leo? Hello, mum! Did you lock the door? Yes, I did. I’m not gonna tell you again that you
need a vacation. Magda, I –
I wanted to introduce you to Ximena. With X. For dad. I remember him saying:
‘Don’t worry, Irinchen.’ ‘Everything will be better tomorrow.’ ‘After rain comes sun.’ He was so smart. Oh, Richard … … everything’s fucked up without– Enough! You wouldn’t’ve ended up as a cardboard
if you had listened to me. I almost forgot the food. I cooked his favourite meal. So, grandma,
how’s it at the Baltic Sea? Old geezers. Shit food. Shit beer. Shit bars. Well, I – we totally love that
you’ve come around again. Foreigners wouldn’t work at
the table in my bar. Ximena is our exchange student,
grandma. Salad? Yes. Mum? Please go back to grandma and
keep her busy. Mum, where’s that from? Those were on the counter. Shall we add them to the roast? No. Please don’t. I’m going back to grandma. Okay? Okay. You gotta help your grandmother. Jesus, what are you doing here? Hey! Hey Mehmet! Can’t you just walk out again? Granny Magda, nice to
finally meet you! Dude, please, she’s not retarded. Please, please leave! Leo … Who are you? I’m Mehmet, Leo’s boy friend. My best friend. Where are you from? A Reinickendorf original. Reinickendorf? That’s the heating! You came out at the footballer’s –
hood gangsters afraid to … … be raped by you – but can’t
come out at your grandma’s? If she knew, what we’re doing here,
she’d throw us out neck and crop. Tighten it. That’s unbearable. So what? What should I do? Am I supposed to say:
‘I transformed your beer bar … … to a queer bar, isn’t it great?’ She’s the owner of this whole place! I thought it’s your heritage!? Yes, as long as everything remains
exactly as it was in the last decades. Leo? Fuck, fuck, light! Turn off the light! Light! C’mon, let’s go upstairs!