Hospitality Documentation–OPERA Cloud 19.x: Enable Page Composer Customization

In this video you will learn how to
enable page composer. Using page composer. you can hide, add, or rearrange fields to
customize the OPERA Cloud user interface. Let’s get started.Go to the top left
corner of the OPERA Application and click the icon to open the sidebar. Click
settings. Now you can choose the option to customize on the chain level which
applies the customization to all users and to all properties. Or you can choose
the hub property level option which applies the customization only to the
users logged into the specific hub or property. You can also choose to turn off
the customization option. In this example I select to enable the hub property
level customization. Click Save and then click Save again to confirm. Page
composer customization options are based on tasks assigned to your users role in
role manager in Opera cloud administration. When customization is
activated you will see a notification at the top of the application. Now you can
navigate to the screen you want to customize. In this example I want to
customize the manage reservation screen. Go to bookings, reservations, and then
select manage reservation. On the screen you want to customize click the gear
icon. Click show inactive to display all the
fields. Now the green plus icon displays. You can select the green plus icon to
add a field or select the red X icon to remove the field. You can also drag and
drop to rearrange the fields. Click close customize. Now the screen displays the