How music influences chakras

in human life everything is connected
with chakras musical instruments belong to man-made creation but it is sound or
vibration that lies at the heart of them vibration can also exist in the form of
light actually the Creator manifests himself the sound and like that’s why
music and painting have a strong influence upon people all manifested
forms are vibrations sound all the musical instruments for example a guitar
or a piano are vibrations agglomerated in definite form behind them are
vibrations of the energy itself these are glomer rated vibrations
generate a new vibration sound without a doubt all of that is connected with
chakras there is a good classification which shows a connection between a
certain instruments and a chakra the classification can be found on books or
online for example a drum as an instrument is linked to the muladhara
chakra all the winds made of iron or copper trumpet trombone and others are
associated with the second chakra swadisthana sound check violin and flute both are
connected with two centers throat and heart so musical instruments can be
differentiated according to their links with chakra levels but it doesn’t mean
that a violin for example can’t be perceived by the mall at Hara chakra
human chakras resonate at all levels and all vibrations coexist together with
each other so there is a single spiritual center which resonates with
all vibrations if a spiritual person plays the drum for example it doesn’t
mean that his consciousness zayats and a mullet are ature the
muladhara chakra of such a person it’s tied to spirits and is filled with
spirituality by the way Kriya yoga refines the levels of consciousness in
chakras too and uplift so all the chakras are connected with musical
instruments and sound by itself manifests different types of vibrations
the lower level of vibration is the lower spinal Center it is related to for
example the note a frequency one line octave is 44100 Hertz
this vibration taken as a basis has certain qualities any sound that
frightens or lowers this vibration has certain qualities too now there are
different classifications and tables which show how vibration frequency or
audio frequency influences atoms as well as human consciousness cells and organs
of the human body you can find this information online
apart from chakras sound is connected with colors planets and minerals besides
each note is linked with all astrology there are seven basic notes C D F G a B
though in Indian mythology for example there are forty eighth notes they are
connected with different planets minerals there is one integrated
knowledge about these things if you get such knowledge your consciousness will
change and you’ll rise to a new level in this way you’ll naturally move to
self-realization and will be able to use these vibrations for yourself if you
follow a spiritual practice you involuntarily enter a new zone of
vibration frequency each of your chakras starts vibrating on a certain frequency if you are listening to good music the
frequency characteristics of your chakras have changed if you hear a hard
and destroying sound flow metal grinding or bad music your consciousness will
take the form of these sounds that’s not a good thing
I suppose so human chakras on all levels correspond with all the elements planets
colors and sounds the same can be said about musical instruments maschine he
made the key you