How To Balance Masculine And Feminine Energy

hello Candice Oneida here and welcome to feminine success secrets in this week’s episode I’m going to talk to you about how to balance masculine and feminine this week’s episode is inspired by question that came through from a subscriber hello Candice first I would like to say i love your website and videos and really appreciate your movement of remembering the Divine Feminine living in such a masculine dominated world i’m trying daily to live as my divine feminine but it can be difficult at times therefore I have a question for you how do you balance the Divine Feminine with ego I find that I try to be more receptive softer vulnerable and open but I encountered situations or people that frustrate me and I resort back into the masculine way of dealing with it Veronica now there’s many ways i can answer this to be honest her the balancing of masculine and feminine or how i refer to it as is the ability to fluidly move from masculine to feminine consciously and with awareness k most the women that work with me are successful executives entrepreneurs and so I know that you have probably a pretty well-established masculine so I’m not here to suggest or discuss with you that you should eliminate masculine ways know how ability to do things from the masculine that doesn’t make sense that would be a little bit like me saying okay we’re going to cut off your right arm now and we’re gonna start to build up strength in your left thumb that’s just silly and doesn’t makes its masculine feminine our principles and forces that are inside every human being with your man or a woman and I what I have found and this is my story to remember is that when we highly developed a masculine women that’s when we start to get exhausted overwhelmed burnt out and we’re not having any fun anymore and so the development or redevelopment all learning of the feminine arts is we need to sort of fill out our experience of our life our work our relationships so I guess what I’m saying here is that I have no objection to somebody going into their masculine when you decide to do that if the masculine represents things like action and doing and structural know how then I’m all for that I have a well-developed masculine I I’m totally into technology and I’ll of structuring things I’ve got a very structured week these things are masculine concepts and no help right and so the feminine in this example is more about compassion and opening and understanding in the light of the question then this times that we can just hold a space from the feminine if somebody’s being frustrating around it and people are frustrating all the time or we can go back to the concept of needing create boundaries and that’s neither a masculine or feminine concept that’s this is a boundary this is not ok behavior I don’t you know this is not this is not good for me this is my boundary okay so I guess what I’m trying to do is build the understanding of how i use the principles and forces of masculine and feminine and deciding that something doesn’t feel good if you’re not feeling good view is neither a masculine or feminine concept now if you react when somebody is behaving badly then that’s probably eventually not going to feel good to you that’s ultimately not gonna feel good inside of yourself a reaction is something where we close off right so the rave Veronica wrote this question it sound a little bit like she closed off let’s make sure that we don’t associate masculine with closing in feminine with opening that’s two basic and it’s a gross misunderstanding of masculine feminine principles now when I train women over time I do talk about the difference between what i call false feminine or false masculine and true feminine true masculine and even the way I did that with my hands it’s like the lower mode feminine masculine and higher mode feminine masculine I don’t have the time to go into that in detail right now but we could say in general lower mode feminine and masculine is more about the closing and reactions and the higher mode of masculine or feminine is more about the ability to be open and reverent and sin central that’s when you’re in your king or in your queen so this concept out there are balancing masculine feminine or people talking about where are you on this on the spectrum of masculine feminine my observation myself and others is it doesn’t just stay in one place ok I know that when I was a corporate woman i was starting my businesses i was definitely way more in the masculine spectrum when i was doing life and when i was working and I was trying to do relationships from their which doesn’t work that’s another whole video but as I’ve learned how to bring the feminine into my life my relationships my business of course my spiritual practice there’s this whole sense of a broadening of my perspective I heard somebody think it was mama Jeana brought this concept of what we don’t want to happen is you’re playing at your concert pianist and you’re just playing a few notes in the middle of the keyboard we want you to be able to pay all the way up this into the keyboard and all the way up this end of the keyboard so we want to be symphonic in our self expression we want we had a shine in the tinkling hi nights and in the dark glow notes right and so that’s the full expression of yourself so let’s just change this paradigm a little bit as we want to be able to have what i call soul flexibility we want to be able to move up and down the keyboard and express ourselves in a multitude of ways but we want to be able to be really conscious as we’re doing it if you liked this week’s video I’d love a thumbs up I love your comments below and any questions I go in there and I answer them frequently if you haven’t subscribed to my channel subscribe over here when you have the courage to go out there and shine you give others permission to do the same so let’s go out there and shine this week