How to be a Funk Drummer : What is a ‘Pocket’ in Funk Drumming

Some refer to in funk, called the pocket.
That’s a certain feel that the bass player and drummer will get into and actually the
entire band will get into it. It’s kind of just behind the beat, so you have the: Instead
of playing it straight, it’s a little bit behind, but there’s really no definitive explanation
of what the pocket is. It’s something you have to feel and like I was saying the only
way to actually get out there and feel it is to go out and see some bands play it. Some
people have some great fills just to listen to the records. Bernard Perty has an excellent
pocket fill, so you can check him out. He’s on some records will Gill Scott Heron he’s
on Boogala Joe Jones records. It’s just incredible and you have to listen to it. That’s the only
way to describe what the pocket is. There’s no technical explanation of it, it’s just
a certain feeling to have. It just grooves and you have to hear it, so go check it out.