How to Clean Brass Instruments : How to Clean the Body of a Brass Instrument

Hello! My name is Dwayne Carter and on behalf
of, we are here talking about cleaning brass instruments. I have my
brushes, a mouthpiece brush, which we are going to use in this case to clean the slides,
the third, first and second slides and then I have the snake. After letting the horn soak
for a little while lift it slightly and insert the brush into the slide area. I will do that
for each of the slide openings
plunging in and out making sure it is clean. Then I am going to do the first valve slides,
when doing the first, third and second valve slides you have to be careful that the tip
of the brush does not scratch the inside of the valve casings. So you do not want to push
too hard in there and then finally I will take my brush and clean the valve casing and
then I will take my snake to make sure the lead pipe is clean. Just let it run all the
way through and pull it out. Now we have cleaned the body of the horn.