How to copy, paste & translate comments in Music Maker Jam & Loudly

Loudly & Music Maker Jam are apps where you can meet music makers from all over the world. You wish you could understand their languages? But you can’t even use Google Translate because somebody told you that … I know there is no copy paste feature yet. Not so fast, Mr. Flash! How to copy, paste & translate comments in Loudly & Music Maker Jam Step 1: Open the song in a web browser and not in the app If you don’t know how: Go to your song in Loudly or Music Maker Jam and copy the link (“share” feature) In your web browser, past the link into the address bar. Find the comment you want to copy and put your finger on it for a few seconds. Select “copy link text” and open the Google Translate app. (other browsers than Google Chrome on Android may work slightly differently) Open the “Google Translate”app or website and paste the comment you just copied Translate to your language and enjoy. This method also works on your computer. Enter the link to your jam. Scroll down to the comment that you wish to translate, Marking text does not work. Instead, right-click on the comment and “copy”. Paste into Google Translate and enjoy! It works with almost any language. But there are limits … Don’t forget to leave a comment, like and subscribe!