How to create and edit playlists in YouTube Music

Never lose track of your favourite music by creating and editing
custom playlists in the YouTube Music app. You can create a new playlist
or add songs to an existing playlist in a few different ways. When you’re listening to a song tap the three-dot menu icon select ‘Add to playlist’ then tap ‘Create new playlist’,
or select an existing playlist. You can also add a song to a playlist
by long-pressing it. Tap ‘Add to playlist’. If you’d like to edit
a playlist you’ve created go to the Library tap ‘Playlists’ select the playlist
you’ve created and would like to edit. To add a song scroll to the bottom of the playlist and tap ‘Add a song’. To remove a song from the playlist swipe left on the song,
and then tap ‘Remove’. Tap the edit icon
to change the title of your playlist add a description,
adjust privacy or reorder songs. If you want to delete a playlist go to the Playlists section of your library. Next to the playlist you want to delete tap the ‘more’ icon, then select ‘Delete’. By the way,
your playlists will show up on the Library tab
of both the YouTube Music and YouTube apps. And that’s it! Subscribe to our channel
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