How to Create Easy Vocal Harmonies in Cubase

What’s up everyone? We’re back with another tutorial in Cubase Today we’re going to show you how to do quick and easy vocal harmonies. Now, this feature will only be available to users of Cubase Artist and Cubase Pro because it uses the Cubase VariAudio engine. So, if you have Cubase Elements, you’re going to have to find a different way. Vocal harmonies are tricky because they’re tough to do and the best way to do them is to know how to do them or to have multiple singers that are capable of singing vocal harmonies and go about it that way but sometimes we don’t always have that luxury. So, Cubase has given us an awesome feature to produce vocal harmonies quickly and easily. Let’s take a look at what we have working right here in our track. It’s a classic old hymn. That’s just me singing Amazing Grace very quickly. So, if we want to add harmonies to that the best thing to do is to set up a chord track and fortunately, I knew the chords to this song. They’re C-F-C-G7. So, once you have the chord track in place, when you generate vocal harmonies, it will generate them on those chords which is usually a lot less squirrelly than doing it on your singing Because your singing isn’t always exact. So, you have the audio event selected that you want to create harmonies for and that’s the vocal track – and this couldn’t be easier. Once you have the chord track in place and you know the chords you’re singing to, you just go to Audio->Generate Harmony Voices That’s all it takes. So we can do three harmony voices, or four. Let’s just get a little crazy and do four. And we’ll reduce the vibrato strength. That helps the harmonies out So, once we click this button, we’re going to have easy ass harmonies in Cubase Pro 9. Let’s check it out. Boom. There they are, Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass. Boo-Yah! Let’s listen to what it sounds like. Okay. I kind of like that. But let’s remove all of those tracks and start with our vocal again. And let’s try to generate just three voices That maybe will sound a little bit better And there you have it folks! It’s a quick and dirty way to do vocal harmonies in Cubase. So, I hope you found this methodology somewhat acceptable and you may be able to use it in your projects. Of course it’s not going to sound real and it’s not going to sound like someone singing a real vocal harmony but, you drop this stuff in the mix a little bit and it will start to come together a little bit more. There you go! So I hope you enjoyed this tutorial everyone. If you did, you can leave a like or a subscribe or something. And I’m going to be doing more of these Cubase tutorials, so, if you have any suggestions on things I should do just leave a comment and if you want to pick up Cubase, check out the links in the description. So, goodbye for now everyone. Happy New Year and Later!