How to Create Harmonies in Audacity with the Change Pitch Effect

Hey guys, today we’re going to go over how
you can make harmonies in Audacity. We’ll start off with a simple guitar track
and add and octave lower, as if an octave pedal were being used. Then we’ll do a little work to clean up
the sound and prevent the two track from interfering with each other too much. So we’ll open up our guitar track we’re
going to use. Since we will be making harmonies, we’ve
used a riff using all single notes. We’ll play it back first so you can hear
it. Now we’ll need to make a copy of our track. To do this, we select the whole track and
press Control + D, or Duplicate in the edit menu. For this example, we’re going to add another
guitar track one octave down from the original. On the duplicated track, we’ll go to Change
Pitch under the Effect menu. We’ll play this track back now that we have
added the lower octave. So the first thing I notice when I hear this track
is there’s a bit of interference in the low end between the normal guitar and the
octave down guitar. To fix this, we’ll add an equalizer and
remove some of the low frequencies from the original track. Now we’ll play this back again. So we can hear this is a little better now,
but the octave down guitar doesn’t sound quite right yet. We’ll add some quick equalization to that
to cut out some of the very low frequencies. Ok so we can play back our final track with
the lower octave now. As you can tell, we’ve been able to add
an octave effect to the guitar track, as we’ve also cleaned it up a little with equalization
to prevent the two tracks from clashing too much. Thanks for watching this video on creating
harmonies in Audacity. If you liked this video, you can subscribe
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