How to Download Free Background Music From YouTube Without Copyright Infringement

Hey, it’s Kaytie here from Video Stanza As you know… Background music and sound effects can really
enhance the depth of your video and stimulate emotions from your audience Sometimes it also helps to mask any less
desirable noises So today, I’m going to show you a little audio
library “golden” nugget on… How to legally download unlimited music tracks
and sound effects on YouTube for your projects without any copyright
infringements and it’s completely free! So let’s jump right into my screen and I’ll show
you how to do just that! So this place is called Youtube Audio Library! Which is at You may want to save the link or bookmark it to
your browser for future reference So why are they free? Well these are actually called Creative Commons which are contributed by artists from all over the
world, who wants to share their work You can use them for your videos, but what you
should take note of is… if there’s a little “human” icon next to the track like this example over here as you can see These tracks basically mean that the creator
would like you to attribute him or her by including this snippet in your video description But if you don’t want to give any attribution, which I can totally understand Then you can actually go for tracks which doesn’t require any attribution at all by filtering out over here as you can see, the human icons have
dissappeared These tracks are completely free to use in any of
your videos without attribution at all and you can also filter your tracks by Genre,
Mood, Instrument and even Duration and you can also preview the track by pressing
Play over here If you like it, you can download them right away or you can actually toggle the Star over here and
add this to your Favourites and download them later What you should take note of is however this Play button currently do not work very well
on Phone or Tablet devices So if you want to actually download these music
tracks for editing in your Tablet or Phone Apps, What I would recommend is browse them through
your computer first Once you have shortlisted the tracks that you like by toggling the Favourites over here Then what you could do is jump onto your Phone
or Tablet Then go into your Favourites list and download
them The Download button works just fine It’s just the Play button that doesn’t really work on
Phone or Tablet devices at the moment And the Favourites list will be saved across ALL
your Google or Gmail accounts So you can access them from multiple devices Does that make sense? Okay, the other thing I want to highlight to you is
also the Sound Effects! The Sound Effects is another section in the Audio
Library and you can actually browse by category as well
or you could do a search like maybe you if you want some “cheers” or
“claps” Alright let’s Play this Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Alright, so as you can see… This is a real music golden nugget over here,
which is completely free! So have a look at it and if you feel that someone
else would benefit from it as well Please tag them or share this video with them I hope you found this video tip helpful My goal is to provide you with the best video
tools and hacks To help you create better videos faster! So if you enjoyed this video, please LIKE, SHARE
OR COMMENT I’d love to hear from you I’m Kaytie Lee from Video Stanza once again and I’ll talk to you soon