How to Download Free Music or Videos

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being said we’re just gonna jump right in alright guys so today’s a little bit
off-topic from usual but I want to go over how you can basically download
music for free and this is going to be relevant for it you know if you’re
downloading YouTube videos or YouTube music in general and just music in
general because you can obviously search for it on YouTube now like I said it’s a
little bit off topic but this was brought to my attention in one of my new
courses called YouTube clip master and basically what that is is you’re just
clipping content off YouTube already it’s for people that want to make a DREV
anew on youtube and start a bunch of channels that can you know potentially
accumulate revenue as passive income and really all you’re doing is clipping
other people’s content you don’t actually have to create your own content
so it’s a really really cool way to get into you know YouTube without having to
actually record yourself or you know create any content so to speak but the
and by the way I’ll drop that link in the description if you guys want to
check that out it’s brand new literally just released this week but the reason
that I wanted to bring this to you today teach you how to get free you know music
or free videos off youtube is because I really didn’t plan on doing this but
like I personally do this all the time and I just was under the impression that
the majority of people understood this and knew this but I got a couple
questions both in my course and through email and people were asking me you know
how do you basically pull the videos well first of all I go over that in the
course in depth I use something called keepvid and there’s definitely a bunch
of other softwares and you know websites out there that you can use to pull
videos off youtube or pull the audio and i’m gonna go with you know show you one
here today but realistically I got a couple questions and I was basically
like the same way that you you know you take music off youtube you know it’s
literally that simple you just download it and you put it in you know you
convert the file and people were like what do you mean the same like they had
no idea what I was talking about and so I was like I cannot let this stand I’m
just gonna simply make a youtube video get it out there hopefully on YouTube so
people know that this is an option and they don’t have to pay you know the
iTunes fee or you know pay for their music cuz that’s you know while piracy
and kind of taking free music off YouTube used to be something that was
taken really really seriously it’s not people there it
it’s a growing thing now you know and everybody does it and the reason for
that is because people monetize their videos and their followings in a
different way so they’re not necessarily trying to always sell CDs or sell you
know music like that it’s they’re basically trying to monetize the
following and build a brand so it’s not as big of a deal anymore you can do it
and I’m going to show you how but no nothing me rambling let’s just get into
it so this one was specifically suggested to me because I as you can see
subscribed in ethics and he basically creates a lot of he creates a lot of
great music to be honest but it’s all copyright free so that’s why I’m
subscribed to him in case I want to use it but this is you know this is actually
pretty good song but I was just gonna it was literally the first one I clicked on
that was suggested to me so I’m gonna show you how to pull this if I wanted to
get this into my iTunes so what I basically do is I go to a site like this
which is whitey and b3 CC and there’s literally a million sites like this now
you can convert it into an mp4 if you really wanted to you know basically get
the the video in there the same thing goes with a bunch of the other ones and
in my course specifically I used the example of keepvid but like I said
there’s a million of them just google them so if I wanted to get the mp3 of
this or the mp4 I’d simply copy the URL and then I would paste it in and I would
convert it now you have to be careful with some of these sites because they do
suggest they do have like pop-ups here and there but like for this one
specifically it just pops up into the new window and I’ll show you but this is
how you pull it for free and you don’t have to pay for any you know music so
I’m gonna hit download and you’ll see the pop-up window in a second just X out
of that just be careful of those things make sure that you have you know your
your your pop-up blocker installed and also you know software that protects
your computer and stuff like that but then you basically just open I’m gonna
open it in the folder and I’m going to open it with iTunes and it’s a literally
that simple so this was not you know something
specifically that I wanted to touch on today on my old pewter computer to show
you because that’s where I download all my music but you know I like I said I
didn’t plan on showing this today but I could not let this stand apparently you
know there are some people out there that still pay for their music and you
know I cannot I cannot with a good conscience let that happen
so I wanted to kind of touch on this today and show you guys how to get music
for free how to get videos for free and how to basically pull them off YouTube
and I have a of other great content ideas coming here
in the works so obviously I’m gonna go over some of the content ideas that you
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I can create for you and then I know something about I’ll add it to the end
of my list and I’ll make it eventually for you so I’m gonna touch on a couple
of these and then we’ll end the video some of the content that’s coming 5 ways
to market your online course five things Kylie Jenner was successful with Shopify
drop shipping five ways to promote your Shopify store five ways to increase
Amazon private label sales five ways to increase your income right now five free
ways to get traffic to your website five ways to get traffic to your website five
streams of income that pay me every month five things I wish I knew about
digital marketing when I started top five ways to make money online in 2018
five things you didn’t know about Amazon Associates five things affiliate
marketers won’t tell you I think CPA networks won’t tell you five things
Mac’s bounty and then Twitter and then I’ve literally go on and on you know
five things every entrepreneur needs to know in 2018 the list goes on and on you
get the idea basically it’s all digital marketing tips and I’m gonna touch on
five things you know and kind of start creating videos like that because that I
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