How TO Download Music – EASY

hey guys thanks for tuning in is Sean
Michael McHattie here with another fantastic tutorial now today we’re gonna
be showing you guys how to download free music now there’s a few ways you can do
this first you can go onto torrent take 10 years trying to find the right one
download a whole CD even though you don’t want the whole album on your
desktop or your music playlist I find that to be actually kind of annoying what
I like to do is if I’m looking for a specific song not an album I’ll actually
rip it off of youtube so today I’m gonna be showing you guys how to do that so
let’s get into it you okay so first off come over here into
Google Chrome or whatever web browser you use open that up now Google or
YouTube search your favorite song I don’t know I’m going to download
some Led Zeppelin or whatever comes up first they are my absolute all-time faves already
downloaded so it shows you’re over the hill too far away that’s a beautiful
song so my computer is just a bit slow today basically when I come here copy and
paste ctrl C and now open up a new tab come over to youtube to mp3 converter I
have it on my bookmarks but I’ll leave a link below for you guys basically just
do this into your web browser and pop it up here it already has a link in there
so just go over top of it what is my computer doing I do not need this okay
just go over it and then paste your link into this description or the bar now
control V will do that for you or you can just right click paste
that’s convert video and just like that press download and now it takes about
two seconds depends on your network speed right now I really bad internet so
it might take me a second but after this is done so to say when I come into your
file browser and it’s going to be in your downloads or desktop PC then go to
your downloads and I pop-up here best thing to do if you have a lot of
files I just search for what I just downloaded I just downloaded over the
house far away over the hills for all right there it is there it is guys so
you can open that launch it in Google music whatever music thing views I
usually put this into a music folder just so it’s all organized so let’s drop
in my music folder I shall drop into music that’s where I keep everything I
have a separate folder and now I should be in here Paris so now
do it if you want do what you want with it is free download I don’t recommend
downloading songs for free all the time I mean if there’s a few songs that maybe
you can’t find anywhere else since on YouTube maybe do that but I actually use
fall to find I paid 10 bucks a month I’m not sponsored by these guys I just want
to put my two cents into it and actually pay the music industry a little bit of
money because I don’t want to ever crash right so what you guys do what you want
hopefully this helped some of you and if it did hit that subscribe button that
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don’t like it don’t worry about it and leave me dislike let me know y’all are
haters just kidding love you you guys have a great day take care bye bye