How to download music for FREE on iPhone, iPad, iPod | NO Computer or Jailbreak

Hi, dear friends, welcome to my channel! Today I’m going to show you something truly amazing. This will totally change the way you interact with your music on your Apple device. I will show you how to download any song on any Apple device for free (without computer or jailbreak). So watch this video till the end, otherwise you can miss some important details Let’s start! Ok, this is absolutely legal, safe for your device and very easy to do you should have iOS 8.1 or higher first of all head to App store and type in search “Offline”. And download this app go and open it… So there are two ways you can download the songs: Let’s start with the first one! It’s the easiest. Go to YouTube and search for desired song. I will search for “Sorry” by Justin Bieber…And press on it, then press “Download” You can pause here and go to “Downloads”… As you see it’s downloaded and playing. Even if I go to settings and will switch off all networks it will work As you see it’s working without any network, in background. You can adjust the volume, rewind, pause. That’s it! So let’s proceed with the second way. The second method is just about downloading a clean mp3 file. It’s more suitable if you want to save up storage on your iPhone/iPad. In 1st method, if you remember, we’ve downloaded the entire video, which use more storage than mp3 audio file or if you worry about battery life – background video playback has a little bit more power consumption. So let’s start our second method. Type in the search line: and type here in search the desired song. I will search for “Shape of you”. Press download here
here in search the wanted song. I will and LONG PRESS “Download”
search for “Shape of you”. Press download here and press download… So here is our song, here’s our song. Playing in background….What we gonna do now is rename this song, because it’s unreadable as you see… Ed Sheeran – Shape of You. So that’s it! As you see it’s working without any internet connection as the first method and using less space! Look, this video takes 18 MB and this – only 6. So choose the method that better fits your needs. Also it’s working in background, you can regulate the volume and rewind as well! Ok, guys that’s it! Please like and subscribe to the channel. This is the best way to say “thank you”!