How to Download Music to a PSP

How to Download Music to a PSP. The PSP, or PlayStation Portable, is a Sony
product that is known for its video game capabilities, but it can also be used to store music. You will need Sony PSP Computer USB cable
Music files and optional: internet access. Step 1. Connect the PSP to your computer with a USB
cable. Press the Home button on the PSP, and then
use the Left and Right buttons to find the settings area. Search for USB cables online to find the right
one for the PSP if you don’t already have one. Step 2. Put the PSP in USB mode by using the Up and
Down buttons and finding the USB connection in the settings area. Your computer will tell you that a new USB
device has been connected. Step 3. Press the X button and your PSP will display
the USB connection. Click on the drive letter that corresponds
to the PSP unit. Step 4. Create a new folder on the drive that corresponds
to the unit called PSP. Within that folder, create another folder
called “music.” Step 5. Copy the music files into the music folder.When
you’re done, press the O button on the PSP to get out of USB mode. Convert WMA or WMV to MP3 format if you have
a PSP running older firmware. Step 6. Find your music on the PSP by choosing the
music folder and pressing the X button again. You will be able to see and play all of the
music you just downloaded. Did you know Did you know? Sony unveiled the PSP on May 11, 2004.