How To Get Offline Music On YouTube | YouTube Music Offline | Get Fixed

What’s up guys Bendji D here from Get
Fixed and today I’ll be showing you how to get Offline music on YouTube if you
have an Android device don’t sweat it because it’s compatible for both iOS and
Android devices remember this video is for educational purposes only let’s get
started the first thing you want to do is launch
open your web browser doesn’t matter if it’s Google Chrome or Safari I usually
go with Google Chrome but this time let’s do Safari now type into Google
tweakbox t – w – e – a – k – b – o – x click on the first link you see it says tap on it now at the bottom of the website you’re gonna
see by using this website you agree that we and our partners may set cookies for
purposes such as customizing content and advertising click on I understand it
says the same thing down here just hit got it or whatever tap on download app this website is trying to open settings
to show you a configuration profile do you want to allow this hit allow alright
tweak box just tap on install it is a trusted website install done
now the app should begin to download on your screen over here already it’s done
quick process tap into it go over to the sett- oh every time you open tweet box you
will get an advertisement simply exit it just like this
come on exit am I tapping on it there it is go over to the center tab apps scroll
all the way down till you see tweak apps click on it just like that
wait for the page and load up come on now scroll all the way down till you
find YouTube plus plus it should be all the way at the bottom of the page why
it is in alphabetical order let’s see Whatsapp++ Twitch++ Spotify++
there is everything++ Snapchat++ YouTube ++ tap on it come on now says would you like to install YouTube++ hit install alright now if
you go over to the home screen you will see that YouTube++ is beginning
to download there is one more step that you got to do which is trusting a
profile I’ll teach you how to do that right after this is done downloading and
it is downloading kind of quick fairly quickly now understand that YouTube++ is very similar to YouTube Music maybe even better because it literally
only takes 2 seconds to download a music Offline you can listen to music
without Wi-Fi or internet connection it’s not like you’re using a bogus app
that looks like YouTube you’re using the actual YouTube app that’s tweaked for you
to be able to download content whether it’s 4k 1080p or just audio doesn’t
matter it’s almost done and there it is you want to tap on it and this is what
it’ll say untrusted enterprise developer iPhone distribution whatever Foxto
you’re gonna be looking for Foxto when you’re going over to profile to trust it
iPhone distributor (weird sounds) has not been trusted on this iPhone until this
developer has been trusted their enterprise apps will not be available
for use hit canceled go over to settings now (weird noises) scroll all the way down to generals
find profile it should be right down here profiles & device management Foxto Co. that is the exact same thing we’ve seen on the text so tap on it
hit trust Foxto co., Ltd youtube + + Trust trust and there it is now you can go
over to YouTube + + app and download music I’ll show you just how sign-in exit now email and password it will send
me a verification code because I have 2-step verification enabled so we’re
gonna tap on OH allow the code is 2 5 2 6 2 3 2 5 2 6 2 3 Wow exit cancel
two five two six two three next and there it goes now we are gonna search up
one of my favorite artists this time it is not Hopsin instead his name is Phora
that search them up fo ra hora I may have to put the music down simply
because I don’t want to get hit with another copyright strike so just to show
you that it works and it also works in the background listen see that see that
see that I’m sort of gonna keep yelling over to music simply because I don’t
want to get here with another copyright strikes so yes yes yes yes ss and it is
working in the background da da da da da da da da da put the volume down down
down down alright so YouTube plus plus now you do want to
go back on the app hit save right down here it’ll say save with++ tap
on that notice how he gives you several options
if this video was in 4K it would have the 4k option 1080 720 480 we’re gonna
go for audio only so audio right down here added to download and watch how
quick it downloads music downloaded it was it that quickly only 2 to 3 seconds
the music will download now we can’t go let’s see let’s just exit this for a
second turn off my data and also turn off the Wi-Fi let’s go back on YouTube +
+ go over to downloads after I get rid of whatever this is
so downloads and there’s a music I downloaded tap on it and let’s see if it
still works volume up yes it does yes it does this is currently offline mode ah I
know connection offline mode I gotta keep talking so I don’t get hit with
another copyright strike lalala yes see it’s working it’s working
lalala alright alright alright alright you’re done you’re done you’re done and
there you have it so that pretty much wraps it up for this video guys Bendji D
here from Get Fixed thank you for watching and I’m out