How To Get Out Of A Funk (and find inspiration again) ✨

hi friends in today’s video I’m sharing
with you five ways to get out of a funk and the first tip is working out you
guys know I love my bar workout it’s so relaxing and also so high energy at the
same time I feel like whenever you’re in a funk it’s so important just to get
your body moving just so you could get reenergized again I don’t really come up
here too often or at all hey guys and welcome back to the vlog
we’re in the car like normal we are headed to a wedding
Johnny’s cousin is getting married today and I’m so excited I love weddings yeah
I feel like I haven’t vlogged like this in a really long time so I apologize for
that but today was such a fun day or is going to be a fun day so I’m like let’s
just start vlogging and bring you guys back along and feel like I was in a mini
funk past few weeks I don’t know the experience that – but I feel so much
better now I think I need some sleep some good food and just a quality time
with friends and family so if you guys are going through something similar just
take a break and rest that’s probably what you need hi guys we’re at my friend Elaine’s
house we’re gonna have a game of Thrones viewing parties over here we got
something fun cakes with the characters so cool good morning guys and happy
Monday the guys are all happy the most wonderful day so far whenever you are
watching this I’m starting off today with hike with my friend Elaine we’re
gonna go on a mini height and then we’re gonna go grab some coffee so I can’t
wait to bring you guys with me camera now if I want to show you guys I
think it’s so important to have a productive date with yourself to work on
whatever passions project you’re working on our goal and it’s just so important
to take action towards it so you could build that momentum up again and a good
cup of coffee doesn’t hurt either and my last tip is to journal and read
something inspirational most of the time I get into a funk is because I’m feeling
very overwhelmed so it’s really nice to journal and get all those thoughts out
of my brain just so I could see everything clearly so if you haven’t
tried journaling definitely give it a shot and also try reading some really
inspirational books I feel like they always give me the motivation that I
need so thank you guys so much for watching this video I’m so happy I was
able to just document some of the things I was going through during my funky
period it’s always not fun to go through moments like these but just know that
you are not alone if you’re also going through this I’ve just recently started
feeling better coming out of a mini funk but I feel
like sometimes it’s the inevitable and it will be bound to happen and what
these things happen these moments you just have to figure ways to get yourself
through it that’s the most important part and not feel like you’re stuck in
that place so I’m so excited just to share this with you guys and hopefully
you’ll help inspire you to get up out of your funk and just find different ways
just to make it a more enjoyable fun process but yeah it’s been a little bit
crazy at home any think I’d shared with you guys on Instagram that our water
pipe broke at our house right here in this kitchen a lot of unexpected things
happen and sometimes life just does not go according to plan no matter how much
you plan it and if moments like these you just have
to remember and appreciate all the good things that are in your life like the
people in your life the things you love just the fact that we’re alive and we
have you know the opportunity to live and just find the positive outlook
because sometimes you could just feel so defeated and it’s so easy to go down
that path but it’s also really easy to remind ourselves that we have a lot of
good in our life too so if you guys are also going through a flunk or whatever
season of life you’re in and you need a little bit of motivation encouragement I
hope you find that in this video please feel free to connect with me on
Instagram or anything like that I am here for you guys and I’m always open to
chatting thank you guys so much for watching I will see you guys in the next
video have an awesome day bye guys and yes my shirt says eat sleep Disney so if
you’re a Disney fan I know you’ll appreciate this have an awesome day and
I’ll talk to you guys in the next video bye guys!