How To Get Out Of The Entrepreneurial Funk

– How to get out of the
entrepreneurial funk. I don’t know if you’ve
ever had those days where you kinda felt depressed but you wouldn’t call it that, or maybe you just didn’t
feel like yourself or you couldn’t figure out how to get back into your groove or whatever it is. I wanna share with
you guys that I believe that entrepreneurs
go through mild forms of depression or funks all the time and we don’t even know it. So, when I was building Spheric, I got to a point where things were crazy. It was two years in, the
company was growing like crazy, but when I looked at,
essentially, my capacity and my team and
the business that I had, there was a huge gap between
what I needed in sales and what my team
was capable of doing. And I was depressed.
I was bummed. I didn’t even know what it was called. And I went down this kind of
path of learning more about it. I discovered a great
guy named Cameron Herold who talked about this thing called the entrepreneurial roller coaster. He talks about going
from uninformed optimism to informed pessimism, this
crazy curve of emotion, and it can happen to you all the time. I mean, another example I learned about was the entrepreneurial pendulum, where you swing from exclamation mark, take over the world, this is my destiny, all the way over to question mark, which is what am I doing with my life, is this gonna even work
and am I gonna fail? And I share that with you
because it doesn’t matter where you’re in that kind of mode, that roller coaster, that swing. I’m gonna share with
you guys four strategies that help you get out of it,
and it’s really important. So, the first one is to create a list of your accomplishments. I think every person in the
world should be doing this. And it’s really a simple, I use Evernote, you can write it down
on a piece of paper and carry it in your wallet, but it’s things that you
are proud of for yourself, other people have remarked about you, accomplishments, whatever they are. Maybe it’s being a father or maybe it’s finishing a half-marathon. Maybe it’s doing a CrossFit workout RX. Whatever it is for you,
make that list. It could be personal,
professional, it doesn’t matter. Any time you’ve ever scared yourself and you pushed on forward and you accomplished
it, add it to the list. Making that list of
accomplishments and reviewing it whenever you’re feeling this way, it’ll just help you remind
you how incredible you are. And that, to me, is the big thing. I think we forget about how amazing we’ve been so far in our
lives and the challenges and all the things
we’ve had to overcome. Every one of us have that
and I know you have it, so make that list. That’s the first step. The second one is,
reconnect with your why. When you started the company, there was a reason, there was a purpose. What was that reason? Maybe it was to create a
better future for your family. Maybe it was to prove people wrong that always doubted you in your past. Maybe it was to serve a customer that really needed your solution, it didn’t exist in the market. Whatever your why is, revisit it, talk about it, think about it. Reconnect with that excitement,
that spark that you had when you first started your business. So, that’s the second tip to
help you get out of a funk. The third one is to list
things you’re grateful for. And when I recommend this,
it’s not just high-level, I’m grateful for having coffee or grateful for my family, I’m talking the mundane. I think we forget that
in a blink of a second, all of us can lose the ability
to walk, we can all fall ill, we can all lose a loved
one, whatever it is. And I just think just sitting
down and thinking about, sometimes I’m grateful for the
fact that I live in a country where I can even build a business, ’cause there’s places in the
world where that’s not true. Have you ever thought of that one? Have you ever thought that, if you’ve got health
in your life, vitality, if you’ve got friends that support you, those are all incredible
things to be grateful for. So, that’s the the third
one is just sitting down and making that list,
’cause here’s what I know. When you’re grateful, when
you’re in that feeling, that emotion, that
state, you can’t be sad, you can’t be frustrated,
you can’t be angry, you can’t be fearful. So, the power of
gratitude is so important. It’s something I practice every morning. But if you’re ever feeling in that funk, you’ve got the blues, sit
down and make that list. And the fourth one, which
I think is a no-brainer, you should just stop
watching this video if you’re feeling this way
and go do it, is exercise. And I don’t care if it’s
a 15-minute walk outside or dropping out of your desk and doing some pushups, whatever it is. I just think that there’s a reason why, as humans, we used to roam the Earth, we used to move way
more than we do today, we live a very sedentary life. And exercise is probably
one of the fastest ways that you can just shift your
attitude and get out of it. So, if you’ve been avoiding the gym or you haven’t returned that
call to your running partner, I’m gonna challenge you right now to pick up the phone
and get doin’ on that. But that is the fourth step is exercise. So, real quick, create a
list of your achievements, review your why, why did you start this business in the first way, the third one is list the
things that you’re grateful for, and do that every day, honestly, and then the fourth is exercise. Get out there, get the sweat. You know, I always say that
sweat is your fat crying. Do that for you and if
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I wanna challenge you to live a bigger life
and a bigger business. I’ll see you next Monday.