How to Make a Harmonica | Science Projects

I love experiments that don’t require, really,
any materials. For this
experiment, it’s amazing. Every time you go into the doctor, you could
ask your doctor, “Hey, Doc. Could I please borrow a tongue depressor?” All we
need is just tongue depressors and rubber bands, and I can show you how
amazing sound truly is, and how . . . again, we need a vibration, you need
something for the vibration and the air to travel through, and you need an
ear. I’m going to make an amazing instrument using
nothing but tongue depressors and rubber bands. You sound like a rapper, Rapper Carmello. Step 1, is you take a rubber band. I think a thicker rubber band works
great for this experiment. I take this tongue depressor . . . if you
wanted to, actually, you can color your tongue depressors
so that your harmonicas look amazing. I’m just going to make mine non-colored, but
if you wanted to use markers, you can make them colored, make
them look fun; could actually look like you store-bought these. Step 1, is take your tongue depressor. Large rubber band for this step. You can take it; very easily just wrap it
around your tongue depressor. Just like that. Easy step. Step 2, again, card stock. I don’t like typing paper, I don’t like computer
paper; I like using card stock. It’s a little thicker and makes the
experiment work that much better. I’m going to cut out a piece, 2 inches;
2″ x 2″. There’s your math measurement. I take it, I’m just going to fold
it, fold it, and fold it. I’m going to take the square, and I’m going
to fold the square 3 times. I take a piece of tape that I’m just going
to roll around so that the tape is sticky on all of
its sides. Take the piece that
I cut out, put it on the tape. I’m going to take my second tongue
depressor, not the one with the rubber band, and I’m just going to tape it,
not at the end, I’m going to leave a little bit of space just like that. Now I’m going to do the same thing twice. I’m going to take another 2″
square, remember, 2″ x 2″ x 2″; I’m going to fold it, fold it twice, fold
it 3 times. It’s exactly the same step. Take another piece of tape. Roll it
so that it’s sticky on all of its sides. You’re going to make this exact .
. . it’s going to be symmetrical, it’s going to look exactly the same,
you’re just going to do it on the other end. Again, a little bit of space. Now I have that; it looks like you’re going
snowboarding, but we’re not. I’m going to take what I did in Step 1 and
Step 2, and I’m going to make a stick sandwich here. I’m going to push it together. Now I’m going to take 2
smaller, thin rubber bands. It doesn’t really matter, but I really think
if you had a thicker one, its fine, but these
thinner ones really, really work best. I’m going to make this really tight. Right over where the paper is,
I’m going to take the rubber band, I’m going to rub it around, maybe 6 or 7
times, just so that that end is really tight. 1-2-3-4-5-6-7. Again, you’re
going to make it exactly the same on the other end. 1-2-3-4-5-6-7. When you look at this, it doesn’t look like
much, right? The cool part is,
when you speak, the vibrations from your mouth hit the rubber band. The
air, all the vibrations are made; amazing sound is heard. The compressed
air creates these waves that travel through the air, hit your ear, and you
hear music. If you don’t believe me, look. Check this out. Breathe in,
breathe out. You can even talk into it and make really
cool sounds, like . . . Make music. It’s awesome, and you made a homemade harmonica
using nothing but tongue depressors and rubber bands. How cool is that?