How to Make Musical Instruments for Kids : Making Chimes with Keys & Coat Hangers

Hello I’m Annie Brunson on behalf of Expert
Village. We are learning how to make musical instruments out of everyday household items.
Today we are going to make some chimes. What you will need are washers, old keys. I got
a variety of things anything that got a metallic type sound and it has a hole in it. So I even
got some screws that I’m going to us the kind with a eye. You will need a coat hanger and
then some kind of string. I’m actually using fishing line to actually hang them up. So
basically the very easy thing to do we are just going to take some string and I’m going
to start tying on different washers and different keys in a row. Now we want to make sure that
all the washers and keys are pretty much the same length so that we could get some sound
both of the beater hitting it and also the chimes hitting each other. So it is just a
quest starting to tie this on. Here is my first one I thing I’m going to do a about
a about 8 inch length. I do not want it to be to dangley because then I am going to have
to hold the. So it is just a question of starting to pull things together. I’m going to do the
largest ones close together and as I go through I’m going to get smaller and smaller and smaller.
So here I have I already got a few on so we could start hearing the sound. So I’m going
too keep on stringing until we get a nice sound. So here is the finish chime. You could also hang it outside if you want
to to have a wind chime.