How To Pickup Girls At Raves! (EDC Las Vegas 2016)

– Don’t buy her shit. – Don’t buy her fucking shit. Make her buy her own shit. – Thank you. – Make her buy you a drink. (techno music) – How do I get a rave bet? – Definitely look at her ass and say, “Hey that’s beautiful,
what you have down there and up there.” – I don’t want to recommend
picking up people at raves, some are pretty trashy. – That’s kinda my type, though. – Oh well, I mean, yeah. – You should first take a shot. Don’t do drugs. – Don’t do drugs. I can’t undo drugs. I’ve already done a bunch of drugs. – Okay if you wanna do drugs, do drugs. – Go for it. Just go up to her be like, hey, – You want some drugs. (laughter) – Ha, yeah. – Go up to her tell her she’s beautiful, trade kandi with her. Mmmm hmmm. – Yeah. – Oh my gosh like that. – Oh no wait, wait, we skipped it, yeah. (background noise) – Oh my gosh. – I got, I got, believe
me, I got you, I got you. – Awwwww
– Awwwww (laughter) – Rave base fuck – I feel like this is the
perfect place to compliment ass. – Definitely! There’s ass everywhere. But don’t, just pick one. You can only pick one. – No, I can’t. – One a night. – I can’t do one a night. It’s like one an hour, tops. – Oh, geez, that sucks then, You have to change your morals. One every DJ set, how ’bout that. – I could do that. – Yeah. – Buy her some alcohol. – Yeah, buy her a drink. – Not happening. – Oh burritoes
– Not happening. – Not happening, I’m not buying shit. – Alright you’re right, you’re right. – Don’t buy her shit. – Don’t buy her fucking shit. Make her buy her own shit. – Thank you. – Make her buy you a drink. – Camel bags, girls love that. When you’re like, you need water? I got you. Oooo, became babe?? – Okay so just find
all the thirsty chicks, – Exactly.
– Provide water. – Exactly – Because thirst is real. – You wanna go on my shoulders? – Ask her for that. – Give her a shoulder ride. – Yeah, shoulder ride. – Okay, I can do that. – Bitches love shoulder rides. – Like compliment on her . . . on her outfit, like, hey so cool whatever you have on, like, – Okay so compliment her on her outfit. Should I recite like a
quadratic formula to her? – No. – No, – One guy said recite the
Declaration of Independence – Yeah I mean, that might work. – So this is my first ADC here. Been single for about like a day. It’s been a pretty big dry spell for me. How can I get a rave bay? – I would just say be yourself. – Problem is – Yeah – My “self” is kind of like
a really shitty person. – I have child support
for kids I don’t pay for, my credit score is really low, I dropped out of school. – So what have you done to better it. – I’ve bailed. It’s kind of my go to thing. – Some guy earlier told to
just grab a bunch of asses. Is that a good idea? – Ummm, you can do that, or just like tell them
compliment their outfits. – Compliment ’em, grab their ass – I guess grab their ass, too. – Cup their tit. – Yeah, I guess, if you want. – Somebody said cup a tit. Is that a good idea? – Cup a tit?! – No, No. – I think she was pretty blacked out when she said that though. (laughter) – Okay so go for chicks with pasties. – Yeah. – I actually got pasties, too. – Oh, do you? – Yeah, I don’t want to show it because I respect my body too much. – Do think that was a good idea – Yeah. – As like as a guy. – Yeah. That’s a really good idea. – Any ass you want to shout there. Like any ass that’s inspired your life. – Nicki Minaj, Kim Kardashian,
even though it’s fake, it’s alright. It’s a nice ass. I guess Miley Cyrus, I don’t know, I’m not sure. – Are you kidding me? I respectfully disagree. That is probably the
worst ass I have seen. – Don’t judge. – We’re in America, you don’t judge. – Anything else. – Head bang with her. – Yeah. (shrieks and laughter) – Nice to meet you bays fuck. – [Group of girls] Awwwww. – Thanks bays fuck. – How is my ass? – It’s guh-reat! Do you squat? – I squat seventy twice, yeah. – Cool. – You don’t even know what that means. – No, it doesn’t. 70
twice means 140, right? – No, it just means 70 twice. That’s it. – So . . . 140, right? – No, it’s a total of
70 including the bar. – Twice, so 140. [Narrator] Yes I got my swag affect. (EDM) – I’m trying to find a rave
bay. It’s my first time here. – Okay it’s my first time here, too. – Doe. – So whatcha gotta do is go for the people who are in the same vibe, the same music, who like
the same music as you. – [Female} No, don’t talk about Music. – But, But you’re friends
are just saying make out, so – You wanna make out? (loud cheering) – Alright, then Is that over? – Uhhhh, yeah. That’s it, that’s it.