How to Play a Funk Groove on the Piano : Funk Piano Song

Hi. My name is Jonathon Wilson on behalf of
Expert We’re learning how to play an advanced funk groove on the piano
and we’ve reached the end. I’ve showed you everything I’m going to show you for this
and we’re going to use this clip to just sort of go through a lot of things that we’ve learned,
all put together over the drums. I’m just going to kind of play the funk grooves, so
you can kind of hear how it all goes when it’s all put together in pieces. I’m going
to use some of the solo patterns. I’ll play the bass line. I’ll play both of our right
hand variations. I?ll put in some of our stab breaks, some of our hangs and some of those
more aggressive variations that we talked about. I’ll try to throw in as much as I can,
but this is kind of what it sounds like when you put it all together. I’ve enjoyed this
and I hope you come back for the next one. Okay, so, there you have it an advanced funk
groove all put together. You can get all of that by going back to the previous clips in
this series. We’ve gone through pretty much everything you that you just heard at one
point or another in here. I hope you enjoyed it. I certainly have. And I’ll see you next