How to Play a Funk Groove on the Piano : Riffs for Funk Piano

Hi. My name is Jonathon Wilson on behalf of
Expert We’re learning how to play an advanced funk groove on the piano.
We’ve looked at a number of ways of taking our basic groove, which we learned at the
very beginning of the series, and adding simple ways to add variety to it. This time, we’re
going to do something a little bit more complicated, in terms of changing this. We’re going to
alter the bass rhythm. We’re actually going to change the bass riff itself, instead of
going up in those offbeat?s, we’re going to come down. It’s just a slightly different
chord thing. It’s got kind of a built-in hang. You’ll see what I mean. Let’s do it very slowly
with the metronome. This is just a variation on the entire riff that we can throw in whenever
we want to. It sounds like this. Okay, so that’s pretty different from what
we had going before. But it’s similar enough that you can certainly use it in the same
session, the same playing environment. So, the things to keep in mind here, this is definitely
something that’s going to be a little bit more aggressive than that rolling pattern
we had before. If you want to kind of take the energy level up a notch, this is a good
place to use this technique. Alter the pattern to something a little bit more syncopated
like this. Those voicing?s in the right hand are a little bit different than we’ve been
using. It doesn’t roll as much; it’s a little bit more stab-oriented. Like I said, it’s
just a different place, a little bit different feel. Let’s hear this one at full speed over
the drums. Okay, so there’s a variation that will really change things up if you need to.
It’s a good thing to kind of have with your pocket when you’re playing this groove, something
a little bit more aggressive. Slightly different pattern in that bass line. It’s also a good
jumping off ground for lots of other things that we’ll do later.