How to play ALL the major and minor chords on guitar ✔

Hello my friends, hello my subscribers. My name is Edina and today I will show you
how to hold all the major and minor chords in all different shapes and all around the
neck. Which is called the CAGED system and basicly
it means that you can hold the C, A, G, E, D shapes on the first three frets and after
you can use all these shapes to hold all the other chords using the barre. So lets start with the C shape, which is this
one. And basicly you cannot hold the C minor shape,
just the C major, this is the C major shape and after you can use the barre which means
your index finger is straight up and you hold the C shape with all the rest of the fingers
and you can push it forward and than you get to C sharp major, and after you can get to
D major, D sharp major, E major, F major. And actually I like to hold the F major here
because it is a little bit softer sound, if you listen here, because this is F and this
is F as well and it is a little bit softer. Ok, the next shape is the A shape and you
can hold major and minor position and it is like one of the most common way to hold the
barre chords and than you can hold A major and A minor, and basicly in flamenco lot of
people hold the A major in this way, which means that your index finger holding two strings
and your middle finger is just one below, because you have all the other fingers to
do other things for example you can mute and also you can make colors, so it is quite useful. Anyway so you can push this forward in a major
or a minor shape, if you push it forward in a major shape, which means A major, A sharp
major, B major, C major, and so on. And on the minor shape you have A minor, A
sharp minor and after B minor and C minor. And of course you can push it forward and
forward, and you can get to all the rest of the chords. The next shape is G shape, which is either
this one or this one, so you can use your ring and little finger as well to hold down
the E and a B string, but you can just use your ring finger to hold the E string, and
it is not like a really common shape on the barre because it is quite impossible to hold
it, it would look something like this. It is not really clean and it is not so comfortable
so not many people using this one. But you can do the same and push it forward
and you can get to the rest of the chords. The next shape is the A shape, o E shape and
then you can go to E major and E minor. And basically it is a very common shape as
well and if you push it forward you et to the chords like F major, F sharp major, G
major, G sharp major and A major. And you can do the same with the minor chords,
which look like this. And the last shape is the D
shape and you can hold D major and D minor as well, if you hold D major, or you can hold
it this way, actually lot of people using this kind of fingering but because I was a
self taught guitarist I learnt the D this way, but I think it is easier like that one
and it really did not stop me to become a guitarist in the end so it’s your choice it
is the same sound, and D minor. And trick is with this chords that basically
you can play with other people and you can see where they hold this kind of chords and
you can go one octave higher or one octave lower and than it could sound really amazing
so I can show you what I mean using the loop pedal for example if you hold an A minor here,
on the A shape, you can hold the A minor as well on the D shape and you can harmonize
things and also you can hold the A minor on the E shape as well, so than now show you
what I mean. And so on. So you can harminose yourself and you can
harmonise other people it is really great way to play and hopefully this information
was useful for you and see you guys later with another guitar video next Sunday.