How to Play Conga Drums : Playing Conga Drums in Clave Rhythms

In order to play the Conga drums properly
in all Latin music, you need to know how to play in clave. You don’t want to cross the
clave. Have you play in clave, the Tumbao that we play on the conga drum. I have my
Bass Tumba and I have my Quinto and in playing these two drums you have to think in clave
when you’re playing to Latin American or Afra-Cuban music because it’s all based around clave.
The whole rhythmic structure is based around the clave. So, what I will demonstrate now
is playing in two three clave and I will count it out. I will sing clave with my mouth and
play it for you on the two drums. First I’ll play the Tumbao on two congas and then I will
sing two three clave to you. (demo) Now, if you noticed, that was two three
clave, I went to the low drum on the three side. This is traditional playing Tumbao in
two three song clave. Once again. (Demo)