How to play congolese guitar seben rythmic #1

hi everyone today I’m gonna explain in English oh man my English is not perfect so you excuse me because I’m just trying and this video is for you k4 Kilimanjaro if you watch this video at least leave a comment I will beat you with my guitar no I’m joking for all the English speaker would like to play this class this style of guitar today I will make it before to speak in English when you want to start playing the African style or any style of guitar you would like to play you have to make sure first of all to know the chord you have to play the rhythmic that’s the basics of the music he cannot start playing something only with solo solo solo this is not the purpose of the guitar but that’s my point of view you have to make sure that you know how to play the rhythmic guitar you know your chord and has a safe every time not noisy I’m paying you to play good music you need to practice to play a very clear it are clear sound something very nice so everyone may appreciate the way you play so let’s start so for me when you start playing guitar the thing you have to focus on is to play something very clear so you do your chord on your guitar and make sure what you play is very clear and very accurate so in the way you put your fingers and do where you will play with your pet from this side you have to be synchronized that’s why this first exercise is very important for me so try to avoid to sound like you need to play like a professional so you know you have to practice it very slowly and it’s not easy to synchronize your right hand and in your left hand when you move in and when you play in this side of your Petra there is one more thing which is very very important when you playing guitar the hand which is holding the pig you will see that even for the sequin I could play I could just go down but I don’t do it I avoid to do that so my advice is recommendation is to play even if you can play like you need to avoid it and force yourself to do down up down up down up down up down up down this is a habit you ready to take come on man all these train are doing so annoying their weight come on this is the problem to live next to train rails okay so most of the time play like down up down up down up down up even even when you can do that just choose to play like this that will prepare you to play the solo guitar because when you play a solo guitar that will improve your precision and this is what I said for all beginners always doing it up down up down start up down up down up down up down even when you play in your key it’s very very important if you really want to progress and prepare yourself to play the lead guitar you will need to play this way it’s very very important this is already a seven with me you know kih-kih-kih-kih-kih and then you have to add some note like you Hey you you can also do something like you it’s just something you play in the major scale in C so here is the major scale when you add the different notes you can add notes from the major scale in C if you already feel comfortable with this and of exercise so you can try to to play something more difficult like so it’s like you playing the C chord C major but you play in this this pattern if I could say oh sorry I’ve changed it but you just up to you you just create something you feel and you will feel more and synchronized with the solo guitar you have to create what you feel and I can give you some some plan if I can say in English sorry because mail is not perfect so you can do it you you and back to the basics you