How To Play Guitar Like Johnny Depp!

n He-hey, I’m Stevie T. And, uh… *claps* *sigh* *claps* And once again, a famous person plays a guitar solo, someone happens to be recording, and here we are. But this time, it’s Johnny Depp! The actor Johnny Depp plays guitar! Who knew!? He even plays in a band called Hollywood Vampires! And in this video we’re about to see, the Hollywood Vampires are doing their cover of Whole Lotta Love by Led Zeppelin, and Johnny Depp gives us a shred-errific display of shred! Well, I’ll let you be the judge. Let’s watch together. Okay! *pauses video* Before we move on any further, has anyone else noticed this video quality!? LOOK AT THAT! This video quality… …friggin SUCKS! *something falls down off-screen* Like, this video was uploaded in 2016, so there’s no excuse for this poo-poo ca-ca doo-doo quality! I have better luck sticking a camera lens up my sphinct, and recording Johnny Depp playing a solo (say cheese!), and it would look better than this! Unless they were just trying to Johnny Depp a favor by making this horrible guitar solo a little less visible! All I’m saying is, if it’s past 2016, DON’T UPLOAD IN 360p! K? Sorry about that, let’s continue on with our amazing display of shred, shall we? Sounds like a dying cat! He just smacks the guitar! I-I mean, would it kill you to play a note in key? Okay, this can’t get any better at this point. I’m done! *Sigh* Johnny, Johnny. That solo freakin’ sucked! I think I can, actually, play a better solo than that with my buttcheeks. Actually, I think my favorite part of that whole solo is when he just, kind of, slaps the guitar.