How To Play Guitar Like Nick Jonas!

Yeah! “I know who you are…” “Ohh, Nick I know who you are …. ….You should have never played guitar” That’s great That…that is gold right there. You know…what’s my idea… …What the hell is he thinking!? Alright, look, if you can’t play the guitar, just don’t, Especially not in public, And especially not in place where millions of people are gonna see you. Like I will never act like an idiot, in place where millions of people can see me. No, you practice guitar first, and than you play. ….NOOB! Like, what happened was Nick playing backstage and he played it, and was like : “Oh that’s perfect, let’s go! ” (……….) Nailed! Ready for the stage!! Like that sound right there, my friends It’s the sound of a guitar being tortured. It’s a lot similar to the sound of a cat being tortured. Oh, I can’t wait for the next G3 announcement Featuring Nick Jonas, Lil Wayne, and …some ramdom dude who’s never played guitar. Now we’re gonna learn how to play the guitar, JUST like Nick Jonas! Well, more like Nick Jon”ASS” at guitar! Alright now, admittedly, Nick Jonas’ guitar technique Is a lot better than Lil Wayne’s . At least he doesn’t has this going on: “Eww, ew, ew, ew, ew” So Nick Jonas actually plays it somewhat correctly. Like he’s not too bad, until he just…. BOOM!! Messes everything up! Uh, I don’t know, something is wrong. I feel like I can absolutely nail the solo. What am I missing? Pt—-!!! A leather jacket…duh!! Yup, that’s right! A leather jacket! If you gonna fail, you might as well do it in style! Now the reason why he wears leather is because It’s distracting, it’s like: “Ooh a leather coat! ” “What was that solo he just played again?” That’s a wicked coat. Alright, so now, I’m ready to play Nick Jonas’ style of solo, In the style of Nick Jonas! That’s probably my favorite part of entire solo : It’s after he’s absolutely BUTCHERED the solo, He just walks away, like, “Yeah! I just nailed that solo!” “That’s the best I’ve ever played it!” Either that, or he was walking away like, “Oh God, I hope no one saw that.” Now one of Nick’s techniques, which is a good thing to note, is when you do mess upon a solo, you just s-sit there, and wait a full bar And then you do a sick, mind-blowing bend. It’s absolutely ingenious. In fact, do a triple-bend, and make sure the last one is flat. There you go, mess up, wait 4 beats, And do a SSSSICK BEND !! Alright, so for the next tenique, I switch to gray pants, to better see my legs against the black background. ‘Cause legs are very important for the next technique, So what the technique is, when you mess up on the guitar Do the “side-leg Rocker stance.” This takes attention away from the solo. So, mess up, “side-leg Rocker stance.” Mess up… “side-leg Rocker stance.” You can even do the hunchback thing, make it even cooler. So this way people aren’t like, “Ooh…he butchered that solo…” This way it’s more like, “Oh…he just….ohhhh, “side-leg Rocker stance.” Alright, well that about covers with uh… Nick Jonas’ very limited guitar techniques. But we did learn some new techniques today, that maybe you’ve never thought of before. Alright, so now I’m gonna put together the whole thing to show ya, So this way you will be able to shred, JUST like Nick Jonas! If you would even want to! “Oh–I can play the guitar in time–” “I just need lessons!” Well, thank you all for joining me today. Until the next time a pop-star butchers a guitar solo, I’ll see you later! Thanks for watching! So just as an outro for the video, I’m gonna play the solo the way Nick Jonas maybe intended for the solo to sound. So here we go, thanks for watching ! Oh!!