How to Play Slurs | Flamenco Guitar

Hi, I’m Dan Garcia. We’re going to talk a little bit about left
hand technique for flamenco guitar. A left hand should be straight with our fingers
kind of parallel to the frets. Okay, our thumb behind the hand in such way
without the thumb sticking out too much, and either without it being too far down, so we
really want to keep this straight hand position right here. Okay, and this is going to allow us to play
these slurs that we’re going to learn about much better. Okay, so a slur is a left hand articulation
that’s going to free up our right hand. Meaning I’m going to play one note with my
right hand and produce two notes with my left hand. This slur in particular is called a hammer-on. Yeah, I play one note and I hammer-on the
next note. Okay, I should be doing this with all fingers. Another type of slur is the pull-off, which
is the opposite. Okay, we have two fingers down. We play one note and we pull-off the finger
producing two notes from our left hand. We do that with fingers three and one and
four and one, also we can do it with four and two, four and three, okay? Now we can do both hammer-on and pull-off. And we can also do all kinds of combinations,
where we actually play a lot of notes without even playing much on this hand. Notice how I’m only playing one note with
my right hand and I’m producing one, two, three, four, five with my left hand. Okay, so you should practice all kinds of
combinations with your slurs. Start very slow with little hammer-on’s and
pull-off’s, and then start combining them in all different ways. Opening your hand a little more, with fingers
one three or four, and you can open those. So slurs are a very important technique in
any style of guitar you play and flamenco is no exception. It changes the way something is phrased. For example, I can play a couple of notes
without slurs and it sounds totally different if I play it with the slurs. Here the phrasing is completely different. So this is something you’re going to be using
all the time when you play guitar and it’s something you should be practicing everyday. So make sure you include it in your daily
practice and have fun with it.