How To Prepare For NYC’s Biggest Festival || Do It Right: Governors Ball

– New York is the city that never sleeps, and it gets even less sleep every June when it plays host to Governors Ball, which is basically New
York’s biggest party. Gov Ball’s a three-day,
Randall’s Island-based entertainment smorgasbord built for fun, and if you have a ticket,
you’ll wanna soak up as much fun as humanly possible. I’m Wil from Thrillist,
and this is “Do It Right,” Governors Ball Edition. You show up to Randall’s Island
with nothing but a ticket and a healthy sense of adventure,
you might not last long. First off, you can and
probably should bring a bag. Gov Ball suggests you bring something light that’s easily opened, as all bags will be 100% thoroughly searched. I don’t mean to sound
like your mom or my mom, but sunburns suck. Bring sunscreen — I cannot
stress this enough. Also bring sunglasses,
a hat, or even a bandanna if you wanna look like
a bad (bleep) Labrador. If it might even possibly rain,
bring an emergency poncho. Umbrellas and concerts don’t
mix; it’s a visibility thing. And if you don’t have boots, you can get a garbage bag and
some duct tape to slap it on. No matter what, when
you’re going to a festival, you’re gonna need these
three essential items, no matter what. Portable phone charger. The only thing worse
than an empty beer glass is a dead phone, and hot
weather will kill your battery. Make sure your phone is fully charged so you can hit up your friends, and also keep up on the
dankest memes of the internet, ’cause that’s what’s really important. Water and a water bottle. Gov Ball is pretty great
about having readily available water stations all over the lawn. But, you still need something to fill up. You can bring in a sealed water bottle and refill it once you’re done, or you can obviously bring in
a reusable water bottle, too. Just make sure it isn’t filled up when you go through security,
or they will dump it out. I promise you. Your ID. Remember what I said
about an empty beer glass? You won’t get served,
period, without an ID, and that would suck. Bonus hack: Rent a locker. You can rent a locker for
$50 for the entire weekend to stow extra clothes,
a blanket, sunscreen — basically anything you want aside from your store-
bought hot dog collection. If you’re going to be going
all three days to the festival, this is a steal, if only to
stow away a few extra shirts and a stick of deodorant. Trust me: Your friends and cab
driver will thank you later. And if you forgot anything at
home, like sunscreen, water, or even one of those little portable fans, you can always stop by the info tent to pick up a free swag bag
loaded with essentials, and free is always good, right? Listen up, campers: You’re gonna have to
leave the tent at home, because Gov Ball isn’t
one of those festivals. When the last artist plays,
you don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay on Randall’s Island. So, you’re gonna need a place to crash. Luckily, New York has some hotels in town — like thousands and thousands
and thousands of hotels — and, an official
sponsor of Gov Ball, can help you filter the top of the heap from the bottom of the barrel. Now that we’ve covered the logistics, let’s get to the fun stuff. Part of the fun of festivals
is catching up and coming acts before they were cool. Try to see rising indie star Maggie Rogers play her hit single
“Alaska” on Friday evening. Or, catch 19-year-old wunderkind Cuco play his dreamy psychedelic
set on Saturday afternoon so you can brag about it years from now. Scattered throughout the grounds
will be classic lawn games: bocce ball, cornhole, and mini-golf. And last but certainly not least, there is a giant adult-sized
ball pit to bring you back to those idyllic childhood
birthday parties. It almost brings a tear to my eye. As you can tell, Governors
Ball is basically a playground for adults, so remember,
stay safe, keep hydrated, and above all, don’t
forget to wear sunscreen. Sunburns may fade, but shame
and photos last forever. That’s it for me. Look for us at Gov Ball 2018. I’ll be the dude in the
Statue of Liberty man romper. Maybe not, but also maybe. I don’t know. We’ll see you there. “Do It Right” was brought
to you by, book your festival stay today. (electronic dance music)