How To Sing Mark Farner – Some Kind Of Wonderful – Grand Funk Railroad – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

Hey guys, welcome back again to Ken Tamplin
Vocal Academy. We’re going to do another Rock Classic, none other than Mr. Mark Farner,
one of the greatest rock vocalists of all time. The group is Grand Funk, the song is
“Some Kind Of Wonderful”and it goes like this. Here we go. Okay. Now, one of the things that I like most about
this is it’s just sheer belting in the upper midsection. But what I want to pay special attention
to is, you really want to be careful not to slam all of your consonants and vowel sounds. We
cover this in my course thoroughly, and the reason is you want to keep contiguous open
throat technique, and the more you have to close off the back of the throat, and the
more you have to open up that ah vowel, the harder it is to keep that ah vowel open. So
I recommend working these kinds of songs up in sections, where you work up mostly vowel
sounds that are contiguous vowels that kind of run contiguously, or together, and then
add only the consonants as you need them. But a song like this and other songs like
Bad Company that has a lot of slamming consonants and stuff… You want to be really careful
not to do that at first because it really can close off the throat and inhibit your
ability to finish the song. So, anyway, thank you for joining me. Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy,
and we have more on your way.