How to Strum Smoothly Using a Pick [Guitar Strumming Lessons]

In this video I’m gonna show you how to
strum smoothly using a pick so you can sound like a pro on your guitar, let’s do
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and tutorials. Getting a smooth strum using a pick can be a little rough at
first but if you do know how to get a good smoother strum you can make some
great music even with just a few chords. The key is knowing how to hold the pick
properly in just a couple of simple techniques. Let’s get started with the
best ways to hold the pick. I’m going to show you two different ways to hold the
pick. The first way has your palm and your hand basically parallel to the
guitar. The pick sticking out this way and it strikes along the strings like
this. The key to making this work properly
is you’re going to strike down and angle the pick up slightly on the way down and
then turn your wrist slightly so on the way up it slides along the strings on
the way up. It’s not straight up and down the whole way that would make a rough
sound. This makes it smoother. The other technique that I can tell you now that
will really help is when you tighten up on the pick, you’re actually putting the
pick on your first knuckle or your first finger and then your thumb over it and
when you tighten up there roll your thumb back a little bit so there’s more
pressure on this part of your thumb than the first part. It allows us to pick the
wiggle a little bit more. So the combination of wiggling and turning my
hands slightly makes for a smooth strum. Can you see the pic wiggling a little
bit? Now if I don’t wiggle it and tighten up and straight up and down it’s very
rough. If I let it wiggle and angle, it’s smooth. Now the second technique is to angle
your fingers a little bit this way so that the palm is not exactly parallel to
the guitar but your hand is pointed towards a guitar a little bit.
This makes more of a brushing sound on the guitar and there’s a little
different style. Now you’re going to want to angle the
pick quite a bit to make that work. You angle on the way down up and on the
way. When your hands going up, the pick is angling down. And again you don’t want to tighten up
too hard but have a nice loose hold on the pic but enough so it won’t just fly
out of your fingers. You have to tighten up. People do have problems with it
flying out of their fingers. You have to tighten up enough to hold on to it or
you’ll be strumming with your fingers. Now, good way to practice this is just to
take a simple chord and try first of all getting the feel of what makes a harsh
sound and what makes a smooth sound. You can see that I’ve tighten up a little bit and tighten my wrists as well so its not moving and its trying to get archer. That’s even the sound I want some time I want to dig in. So it’s a useful sound
but if you want a smooth sound which most of the time you do, you want to get
a feel for how much you tighten to hold on but still can let the pick
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