How To Use A Carrot As A Musical Instrument!

What’s up, YouTube! So, I saw this thing online where people took carrots and they made a recorder out of it. if you don’t know what a recorder is, it’s kind of like a flute where you go- *excellent noises* So today, we are going to follow the same exact tutorial to see if it actually works. So, let’s go. NO IT BROKE! It’s OK I got like so many more so it’s alright, so I’m just going to play the video here This is a thing by Buzzfeed They have a carrot we cut the edges of the carrot so let’s do that first And then they have a drill so let’s do that. What you want to do is you want to cut the edges of the carrot Like that okay you see how my knife is orange and the carrots orange that’s nice right, okay. Let’s cut this ending Oh, all right really good. He grabs a drill and then he drills that part all boys Grew oh my gosh The thing is my drill doesn’t have that thick of the drill thing is like really tiny so we’re going to have to improvise So let’s go grab the edge of the carrot start drilling. Let’s do that here we go and drill it and Then your lap that That is our hole but it’s okay you could probably do the same effect using a screwdriver, so let’s just use a screwdriver Huh, all right, so you want to grab your carrot just cut the edge of it like this, right? mmm, very good very good ah See i bought a whole bunch of carrots because I knew I would mess up and it wouldn’t be perfect So let’s try this one more time Let’s try to get that screwdriver in and just I guess I’m just going to turn it like that There you go make sure you’re careful It keeps cracking mad we can do this let’s use the other one that I it’s not really too broken But it can probably still work anyway, so let’s go here There you go can’t be too bad all right. We have a little hole. That’s good, right That should be okay, but that’ll work. We’ll make a bigger one later, but this is a trial run We’re going to do this together, so let’s go back to the video. He’s made that hole very good dick, okay? He cuts it 1/3 of the way through so grab your knife Don’t cut it all the way through could it one thirds of the way through so uh I would I swear, I wasn’t even trying to do that okay good thing We have this one left, so I guess I have just got to be really careful here one third. It’s one third, okay Okay, that’s good. That’s good. I think that’s good. I think that’s good there you go. All you want to do is cut Diagonally and make sure it reaches the other one thirds of the other cut let’s cut it directly Diagonally like that video like this I didn’t realize carrots are so fragile There you go, and now you just kind of lift it up right out make that little flute hole little bigger, so I’m going to just make this fook hole just a little bit bigger bear with me everybody ah Perfecto, they should look like that, okay now from here You want to grab a baby carrot and stick it into the hole and cut it? I don’t have a baby carrot, but I can make a baby carrot I have this thing I guess we got to make this little hole bigger because the baby the baby care cannot fit in there But hold on let me just ask you second all right, so I made the hole a little bit bigger Let’s grab our baby carrots stick it in here and now What the video did is they just cut off the baby carrot right? Here like that and not what he did with this little piece is You got it, and you cut it in half like that, and then I think from here You suck it back into the carrot there making the little Little flute thing do what he did just cut it diagonally in half like that Perfect, so you just look it into this little hole here making a little divot like that, but see if it works Nope, not yet, not done yet. Let’s keep watching this video Did that perfect perfect the Air Force upward is creating a whistle okay now? He just drilled holes on the body of the carrot making the little holes for the little fluke Recorder as you guys hear they’re making beautiful music Let’s see if it actually works, so let’s grab our in this case our screwdriver. Oh, it is here There’s one hole what does it like to look at this? Let’s make like eight holes. You know I’m saying why do they have for your holes when you can just make eight holes? two three four five six seven eight Who do wish me luck I’m not sure if this thing will work because it’s kind of like a little bit cut in the back But then again, it’s kind of like it still looks like a flute recorder a Clarinet piccolo Whatever you call this thing, so this is it carats flute alright, so let’s try it. Oh shoot Mmm. I think it’s because there’s like thing in the back Okay, one second. Let me just pick this thing up alright. Let’s go grab some tape Very good now just close it right here where the air? Will escape because you want the air to not escape from the bottom, but you want to let the air escape through these holes So you just make sure this sticks all right there you go. So the hole is completely closed off I have some rubber bands and the duct tape making sure it’s really sealed in it you Know what? oh You’re serious. I can’t believe our through every Whoa, I got do it again. I just got keep – I cannot believe that worked oh my God whoa I cannot believe that worked that was insanely crazy I do not know how to play this thing, but I will try my best to do my best here here we go uh I’ll try to play some random though for you guys already Yo, seriously are you kidding me alright? Let me just let me play some more get ready first Oh man, so I was looking up course on YouTube And I figured out how to place one awesome song so I hope you guys enjoy here. We go it Took me a whole 10 minutes to learn this we go Yo, this thing is so sick so sick The real quick since I have this or in soda bottle I just want to see if this thing can turn into a flute Itself the suicide method except instead of the carrot we have the lid top so real quick. Let’s grab our drill drill the hole here Nice, and I just want to make that hole a little bit bigger Your go now just grab your little baby carrots take it any shear, and then here we go Let’s make the opening just a little bit larger now I just want to drill the holes for the actual like flute play, so let’s do that Okay one two three four All right That should be alright Tape and rubber bands as long as this thing has tape and rubber bands It has a very more likely of a chance being a flute so let’s do that rubber bands on here. Make sure body is okay Alright, let’s try it out oh I Cannot believe the works you know Hi, everybody. Thank you for watching today’s video. I cannot believe the carrots and the soda bottle works I have a very shot for sure, but anyway let me know what you want me to do next What kind of life hacks? Do you want to see in the next video make sure to smash that bell? To make sure you know when the videos are coming out, and I guess until then I’ll see y’all next time stages