How to Use an iPod : How to Download Music to an iPod

Downloading music is a great way to get music.
Unfortunately, it takes away the ambiance of going to the record store, the CD store,
thumbing through the things, looking in the close-out bin. Hi, I’m Rokosz, your digital
lifestyle expert, and as such, going to the CD or music or record store is a little arcane
for me. I like to download my stuff. Well, since the iPod uses iTunes as the proxy and
protocol for loading and unloading things in and out of your iTunes, all that fancy
words means this: is that it helps you decide what goes in or comes out of your iPod. So
to download music, you’ve got one of two choices. You go directly to the iTunes store, listed
under store right here in your iTunes interface, choose or search your favorite music, put
in your credit card, unless they have a free offering, which they do from time to time,
or your gift card, and BOOYAH! It’s loaded directly into your iTunes interface, ready
to go directly in your iPod. It’s easy way to do it. So, if all thing’s being equal and
you’re paying for music, and you’ve got an iPod, go to iStore. That’s how they get ‘cha.
They make it easy! So what. Better service, that’s how the economy works. But, if you’re
going to download it from any other site, you simply install it the very same way you
would install any other piece of music. If you ended up with a piece of music as an MP3,
or it was dubbed off of a disc, any of those type of things, all you do is simply launch
it, find it, and then go ahead and drag and drop it. Now, these are movie files here.
If I go over to music, simply find A White, Nerdy Parody. Drop it into iTunes. Boop! It’s
right there in my music library, ready for me to pick up and do it. So, if you want ease
of use, and you use an iPhone or an iPod, use iTunes, the store. Any other way, just
move it into there like you would move any other piece. Drag and drop. It’s that simple.
I’m Rokosz, your digital lifestyle expert, saying, “Stream ya later.”