How to Use Audio Mix In Movie Maker

Hi and welcome. Today I’ll show you how to use the audio mix
in your movie maker. It’s a very simple process so follow me. Let’s go to our project file, project tab,
I’m sorry, and over here you can see that we have this audio mix but it is stoned we
can’t click it. Let’s add, for example, some music, I mean
let’s add some video with music inside. And if I hit play you can hear that I imported
the video with the music. You can see the music wave file over here
as this gray waves, and let add for example some narration. Go home go to record narration, and this drop
down menu over here and click add sound and go over here narration, for example, I will
add my narration numbered 2, okay, let’s hear it. You can’t exactly hear the narration because
it’s a very very silent so let’s buff up a bit this. Just go to a project and you can see over
here now audio mix is available, you can emphasize narration, but no, you can emphasize the video
we just can’t click, and if we click emphasize music we can now click audio mix and if we
click audio mix you will see this slider so play with this slider. Let’s say let’s slide to left. We can only hear the music. So if I slide all over to the right and you
can hear our narration very very clear. And you can just play a bit with this so you
can adjust the perfect balance between your narration and your video. Let’s just move this a bit. And this is it how you balance between the
narration and the music in the movie maker. Use this if you need to silent something or
to buff something to increase the volume. And this is it, thanks for watching. I hope this helped you, and be good bye bye.