How To Use Limewire To Download Music : Downloading Torrents with Limewire

Hey everybody! My name is Matt and I’m going
to be speaking to you on behalf of Expert Village. Another cool thing you can do with
Limewire is you can use it to download and manage your torrents. If you don’t know what
a torrent is you can learn more about them on the internet, or I’ve also go another tutorial
you can watch. Basically what a torrent is it’s a small file that’s like a text file
that tells your computer where to download information from. You can have a torrent file
that’s a couple kilobytes, but actually be downloading gigabytes worth of information.
You can find these torrent files at different sites on the internet. I’ve downloaded one
to my desktop. If you want to download with Limewire, all you have to do is go to file
and click open torrent. Then you just find where your torrent is and click open. As you
can see down here, it’s downloading my torrent now. After it’s downloaded, it’ll be in your
shared folder, which you can get to by going to your library and finding it there. That’s
how you download a torrent with Limewire. Also, one last thing is if you like Limewire
you can choose to download Limewire pro, which will give you faster download times. It also
has a couple other cool things that you do with Limewire pro. It costs about 25 dollars.
To download it just click down here at the bottom and it’ll take you to the website.
It’ll walk you through how to download Limewire pro. That’s how to use Limewire. I hope you’ve
learned a lot. Happy downloading.