How To Use Limewire To Download Music : Filtering Limewire Music Search Results

Hey everybody! My name is Matt and I’m going
to be speaking to you on behalf of Expert Village. I’ve just run a search on Mozart
and you’ll see a lot of information going on here. Over to the left, as I said earlier,
you can filter your results by either genre, artist, or album. You’ll notice if you click
on one of these it’s going to limit your results there. I’m just going to leave it on all for
now. I just wanted to touch on that a little bit more. Over here to the right, you’ll see
the different files. In the middle, you’ll see name. This is obviously the name of the
file that you can download. Over to the left you’ll also see quality, which is obviously
the quality of the file. You’re obviously going to want to get the highest quality file.
They go from 1-4 stars, so you’re probably going to want to look for the 4 stars. To
the right of that, you’ll see the pound sign for a number up here, and below that you’ll
see a number. That’s going to be how many people actually have this file. The more people
that have the file, the faster it’s going to download and the more dependable the file
is going to be. You also see license. You don’t really need to worry about this right
now. Some of the files have different licenses associated with them. Over here to the right,
you’ll see a bit rate. This is the quality of the actual file itself. You’re going to
want to only download files with 128 or above. You’ll see speed. This is going to tell you
the speed that most of the users have. Also, if you have a find a T3 or higher or cable,
you’re going to have decent download speed. You’ll also see type. That’s obviously the
type of the file and size, which is the size of the file. Let’s go ahead and download some
of these files.