How to Use Napster to Download Music : How to Import Music into Napster

I’m Nick Brosco on behalf of Expert Village
and in this segment we are going to learn to search for music and listen to tracks.
Picking up right were the last segment left off, on our the desk top find the Napster
icon and double click on it. Napster opens up and asks you to sign in so enter your member
name and password and hit sign in. This is the home screen right here, it shows you the
new releases, the top ten list, as well as popular play lists, artists and featured radio
stations. If we want to search for a particular artist, just come up here and make sure this
drop down arrow shows artist, type in the artist your looking for and click on search. The artist will come
up, click on the artists’ name and you can get all of the artists’ top tracks, latest
releases and music videos. Also, if you look over here, this is the artist home page, you
can click on tracks and you can get all the tracks available on Napster by this artist.
You can click on albums and get all the albums available by this artist. The same goes for
videos and the artists’ bio.
If we look under tracks for the artist, scroll down, find a track that you like and under
the action column find the little arrow that?s pointing right and if you hover your mouse
over it, it says play now, click on this and the song will start playing. If you look on
the right hand side you can tell that the song is playing because it displays the title
of the song here, the artist, and the album. These are your player controls, to go to the
previous track, to pause the playing, stop the playing altogether or to go to the next
track. This is your volume slider, you can control the volume with the playback. That
concludes this segment on searching for music and listening to tracks.