How to Use Napster to Download Music : How to Use Advanced Features of Napster

I’m Nick Brosco on behalf of Expert Village.
In this segment were going to learn how to import tracks into your Napster library. To
add songs off of Napster into your library first browse through a cd or an artist. Click
up at the top to go through the tracks view, here we see all the tracks. On the left hand
side we see buttons that say “play now” and plus sign button that says, “add to library.”
Click the button that says “add to library”. Over in the upper left hand side over here
you see “my library”, click on all tracks and it will display all the tracks in your
library. You see the track name, the artists’ name, the album name and the running time.
Under action if you click the arrow, it says, ?play now” and the song begins to play. Now, that is great if we want to add tracks
that are already in Napster to our library, but lets say we have an mp3 file or a similar
audio file saved under our computer and we want that add it into our Napster library,
to do this go up to tools at the top and click on “import tracks to my library”. It’ll ask
you to browse for the file of files that you want to import into Napster. So, I will click
on desktop because that is where my file is saved, then select the file or files. If you
just want to select one, just click it once or you can hold down shift and select multiple
files. You can also click here to select all. When you are ready go ahead click add. It
will ask you if want to edit track data for the tracks now, so you can input artist data
and album data. I am going to pass and choose “no”. As you can see here, my track was added
to my Napster library and if I click the arrow it starts playing immediately. That ends this section on how to import tracks
into your Napster library.