How To Wristroll For Beginners | Locking Dance Tutorial with Funky J

[Music] hey what’s up guys this is funky Jeff from friends today we’re gonna do some real acting tutorial with red boots connect we’re gonna roll your wrist wrist your roll and do some useful let’s go which one is a pretty basic move of locking created by Don Campbell it’s one of the very first move you need to learn really easy you’re gonna have it real quick I’m sure let’s go so we’re gonna start to understand how to place your fingers and close your hands okay there is a few different way to do it I personally prefer what we call the mamma mias tired so for this one you’re gonna just close your four fingers and put your terms on top of them and you’re gonna try to look inside like this so it’s like Mamma Mia okay you are like this your wrist is loose alright you can also like close really strong but to me it’s harder to roll really fast if I try to really like first so this is a good way to be closed and clean and also fast okay one very important detail you need to remember is you have to isolate your wrist and don’t use your forearm okay I’m here I just use my wrist not my form up okay if you hold here only your wrist is moving this is a very very important little detail so once I understand how to figure out my hand and my fingers I’m gonna just roll my wrist what I’m gonna do is put my elbow up in the same line with my shoulder okay I’m not here not here I’m same line with the shoulder right and I just join my wrist okay if I’m not sure if I have to go back go front I have a little very simple tip imagine you just pull your hair behind you here like that like a super cute girl right baby and now you know you’re gonna go back and when I’m gonna roll my wrist I go back like if I was putting my hair here back okay very simple right here I go back I can do it my other hand so it’s gonna be my left and your right yeah same to practice you can just roll I wrote and try to go fast from both hands when you feel it you’re just gonna make it for one count okay like five six seven and eight one two three four to make it slow oh one two to make it faster all right again we’re gonna make it snow to time five six seven and eight one two three four five six seven and eight now you have two options you can go back and go down oh you can go back and come back like you will go one way and you and do your way all right you can choose one of the other options it’s up to you you can go back and come back front back come back from or just one come back one come back all right we’re gonna start with the first one a little bit more complex but much more funky let’s try it together five six seven eight one two three four we’re going to do it till eight so four times five six seven eight one two three four five six seven eight see how I shift my body okay you don’t need to stay straight you can just go with the dynamic of your move so if I’m here I’m gonna just reach to my wrist to make it a little bit bigger and visual and not too like this okay one two three oh you just go and say alright now we’re going to make it again till eight but we’re going to just take one count for a moon so one two let’s go five six seven eight one two three four five six seven eight okay so when you do it always remember to keep your wrist really flexible and knows to really roll fast and cool not like be too much stiff same use your body shift your side okay now last tips you can also combine it with the point you can check out the point here on my other video okay I’m here and I point to my other arm for example left or right for you left for me and then point with your other arm this is a good way to combine rich four and point together boom we’re going to try it together so we’re going to start by rolling the left and pulling the right let’s try together five six seven and eight one two again five six seven and eight one to the other side you roll your right and you point your left one two together five six seven eight one two you get it okay guys here is the end of this tutorial renounce the wrist for and how to combine it with the point okay now just practice remember you have to practice it to master it so you will have it really soon okay check out the other videos for flocking and also different styles on Red Bull dance Connect I see you soon and check out my next tutorial right [Music]