HPE Synergy Composer

IT is under pressure to provide
infrastructure for applications and developers at a moment´s notice.
HPE Synergy is the industry’s first composable infrastructure that empowers
IT and developers to continuously create value for the business.
HPE Synergy uses software-defined intelligence to efficiently compose
infrastructure programmatically for both traditional and cloud native
applications. The ability to flex infrastructure on-demand using a single
unified interface differentiates Synergy from the rest. It means all
infrastructure needed to run applications is now readily available
and easily accessible from one place. Through the integrated HPE OneView,
the Synergy Composer presents fluid pools of compute, storage, and fabric
resources. These resources are provisioned together with their
configuration, state, and operating system, using templates based on the
specific needs of the application. As workload demands ebb and flow, resources
can be added and removed from the pool. No stranded resources, just time
gained for IT and developers. And through the fully programmable
interface, IT and developers can do this using the management interfaces, DevOps tools,
and programming languages they prefer. The physical infrastructure, using a
single line of code, lowering both OpEx and CapEx. HPE Synergy Composer enables
IT and developers to accelerate application delivery,
bringing new ideas to life and creating business value.