We have regretted enough these constituencies So-called territorialized, their fake proportional representation and various arrangements to which those provisions gave rise To join today clearly and in continuity with what we have asked until today at the idea of ​​a national constituency I heard a few moments ago state the idea that since it would no longer be constituencies territorialized then, the weight of France would be smaller It’s wrong on what France is France is first of all its people, and there are no bonds that are worthy for a republican – in the tradition of this thought – that the link that unites the elected to his people and therefore the mandate he receives. More than ever, there is no people but the people who is constituted by the vote After that It is only sovereignty that expresses itself through the institutions that this people garnished with his representatives We do not have these institutions in Europe, the parliament that will be constituted has no power 70% of the decisions that are made have no concrete consequences and this parliament can not discuss freely of the budget says a whole series. But let’s talk about the subject. Well, the bonds that constitute a people, its solidarity and above all the preoccupation of the strongest for the weakest of the one who has the means compared to the one who does not have them all this is forbidden by the European treaties that prohibit tax harmonization and social harmonization. However, France must enter this debate that she enters (France is feminine) it to weigh then in what will happen because terrible events are happening on the old continent and that’s to be very blind about not seeing and not understanding that this is what it is about from this moment and from this discussion Let’s spare ourselves the caricatures that would make some of us the Europhobes nationalists locked in certainties and the others happy little goats moving along the winds that pass in the gay pastures of the popular fraternity. No ! there is to build a political entity in Europe and it must be done against the measures and the constitutional framework that has been established. It can exist only against, it can exist only in rupture because it is these treaties which prohibit life and the constitution of a people in europe that’s why we have to go out. These treaties have not always existed, they exist only since 2005, 2007, 2012. Previously another path had been taken and this path changed along the way. Let’s understand each other correctly I want to take this opportunity to once again say to all my colleagues forget for a moment maybe the reasons we have to keep raising the bar for each other we are right to do so in a free people to take the measure of those advancing in Poland, Hungary, Austria It’s the extreme right that gets the upper hand and now here in a poll in Germany, the most dangerous far right of all Europe is now in position number two behind Merkel’s party (CDU) it is these clouds that must be removed, it is this situation that must be capable of to tackle by bringing the only answer that is worth fraternity … fraternity, social equality bringing together all who constitute the people because it is the people his unit from one country to another which basically by his internationalism is able to refound peace and progress I admit you will not hear it or that moment provide you with an opportunity for mockery that you will soon have to complain about If the extreme right is in position number two in Germany and if we all have a historical conscience strong enough to know what is the danger If it’s in number 2, it’s because in Germany, a terrible policy has made very poor Germans in a very rich country This is because we have returned to social rights conquered for generations and that is the model that we want to generalize throughout Europe standing in each nation one against the other and nations against each other. That’s the time we live in it is necessary to leave treaties, it is necessary to withdraw it it is necessary to refound from A to Z from the cellar to the attic this Europe or else it will collapse like all the attempts that have been made in the past of history when we wanted to make Europe without peoples