Improving Milk Quality & Udder Hygiene | Dairy Farming Lessons | DeLaval

I am Jochen Mehlert. We live here in the Wilstermarsch, pure grassland region. We farm on 94 hectares and milk 116 cows. In 2015, we had some problems with the udder health of the cows. since we also had just built a stable, we had financial obligations and the family had to be fed, we had to produce enough to pay off the liabilities from the bank. These problems are quite common on farms, there are often problems with the milking routines,
which leads to the animals getting sick more often and that in turn
reduces the milk quality. Animal health measures carried out by the veterinarian no longer produced any results so instead, we looked for possibilities to improve the milking routine and found some ways to help the farm. The best success, I think, was achieved through
the pre-cleaning, but also the intermediate disinfection. So, if something is happening, no new cows get infected. But the dip also plays a big role and ensures
the cows are sometimes better at milking, because it also contains care products in the dip agent and so the cows give more milk when you milk them. The biggest success came from Peradis, a peracetic acid product for intermediate disinfection of the milking clusters, we were able to prevent a carryover of pathogens
from one animal to the next. I really enjoyed working with DeLaval, since they also have expert advice and now the service technician visits our farm in intervals and brings me the products I need. I do not need to go out and I can work here at home. They are really looking after me. The cell count has gone down, healthier udders, healthy cows and the milk yield has increased and thereby more milk money came in. This farm will have a very profitable future and a very good future in terms of animal health in front of it.