indraikku yen indha anandame – Part 7 Music Composer, Voice Trainer- Dr.Unni

Hello Friends! Welcome to Continuing from my previous Video about How to Sing Classical Music and Film Music. I had given an example to show Oscillation patterns and how to produce it in both these genres. I have a request today from a student to sing a portion from the Film Music, Indraikku En Indha Aanandhame…. Composed by Ilayaraja, set in the Raga Abhogi. Poonguil sonnadhu Kadhalin Mandhiram poomagal Kadhinile…… Poovinai thooviya payinil pen manam poothidum velayile… Nayagan kai thodavum vandha naanathai pen vidavum… Nayagan kai thodavum vandha naanathai pen vidavum… Manjathile konja konja….mangai udal kenja kenja… Sugangal suvaikkum erandu vizhigalil… Indraikku en Indha aanandhame…inbathil aadudhu en maname… Kanavugalin…..suyamvaramo… Kan thirandhal …sugam varumo… Indraikku en Indha aanandhame… Today I would like to remind something very important about “Bhava Sangetham” What is Bhava Sangeetham? I will be discussing this topic in my next videos. In the present music scenario especially in the Carnatic Music and Film Music, The “Bhave Sangeetham” is dying!…completely dying!!! It is very rare to find bhava sangeetham in my singers. It is very serious and important aspect of music. This will be discussed in my next video. until then I would like to remind you to Like, Share and Subscribe to our Channel and do visit See you in my next video.Bye!!